How much is The Vamps worth?

Net Worth:$10 Million
Who:Pop Band

Who Are the Vamps

The Vamps is an English pop-rock band who became famous through their first uploads of cover songs on YouTube. Almost instantly, The Vamps were compared to One Direction. Since 2012, The Vamps has been signed to Mercury Records. The Vamps’ shared net worth is around $10 million as of 2020.

How did the Vamps make it mainstream?

The Vamps promote themselves on their website, where you can also buy their branded merchandise. They sell The Vamps-branded T-shirts, wristbands, and logo patches, and other accessories. You can listen to their songs on YouTube, Spotify, as well as Itunes.

In 2017, they scored their first number 1 on the Official UK Albums Chart with Night & Day (Night Edition). Their first two albums, Meet The Vamps and Wake Up are both certified Gold in the UK. The Vamps have also launched their own record label, Steady Records, and they are working in partnership with EMI/Universal. The first act signed was American band The Tide.

In 2017. they went on The Middle of the Night Tour, playing April-May in UK and June to August in the USA. Since joining YouTube in 2012, the group has achieved over 3.9 million subscribers! Their most popular video is called Taylor Swift – 22 (Cover By The Vamps). The Vamps’ Instagram account has an incredible 1.7 million followers.

Their profits, as well as fame, grow exceptionally each year. In 2012, the group’s net worth was only 1.8 million and today it’s already around $9.5 million. Will they be able to compete in a few years with let’s say One Direction? Their current annual income is around $3.6 million.

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