The Underlying Motivation

It’s the sound of a board makes when the bottom of it hits against the wave as you make a second section. It’s those moments when a wave holds longer than you thought it would. It’s the epic sunsets that leave footprints on your imagination that last a lifetime.  It’s the sound of whitewater and waves crashing as they close out. It’s the complete disconnect from all the nonsense of day to day life and all our daily drama.

When you look at why we do whatever it is we do, why we chose the paths we chose, and what ultimately allows us to live the life our dreams, it all boils down to the underlying motivation. It usually starts with ego, even though we know deep down that the ego can be a self destruct mechanism when we don’t keep it in check. Lately I feel like I’ve hit one of the pinnacles of my career and amazingly enough the underlying motivation was just to chase waves and put it all into words.

When I wake up in the morning, my mind is focused on two things: words and waves.  In fact the more I get into the groove of writing the more it’s becoming less of a hobby or outlet and more of an addiction. My mind seems intent on waking up before I’m ready because it is brewing with new ideas for blog posts, new projects to work on and new possibilities to explore. Some days when it wakes me up only to stare blankly at the computer screen with nothing to write, I want to kick its ass for not letting me sleep in.

Despite all that I actually look forward to the mad ramblings of my mind every morning. I couldn’t stop writing if I wanted to. If you took my blog away from me it would be like taking away candy from a kid in a candy store. I don’t think I’d know what to do with myself if somebody told me I couldn’t write. It stopped seem like work a while back and the conclusion I came to this morning was simply that I do it because I love it. I’m starting to find something amazing in writing without aim, purpose, or an outcome.

Do you ever put fingers to keyboard and just let words flow by writing whatever it is that comes to your mind? If you’re a blogger there’s a good chance that you’re trying to fit your work into the context of the “blogging box” and you’re caught in the questions of

  1. Is this useful (inform)
  2. Is it entertaining (entertain)
  3. Is it inspiring (inspire)

After all those are 3 of the core elements to any good blog right?  As of lately I’ve been struggling to produce content the way I could in the past. I can usually hammer out a 500 word blog post in 20 minutes.  The last couple of days, I find myself writing about 100 words and thinking “wow, this stuff is really coming out the wrong end. It kind of sucks.”  There’s a big difference between success and perfection. In fact, I would go so far  a to say that if you’re constantly striving for perfection that you’ll never be successful. Success is about embracing our imperfections because those are things that make us shine.  Writing without an aim, purpose or direction is often where you’ll find inspiration because you are no longer writing to publish on your blog, you’re no longer writing to get traffic, you’re no longer writing for people instead of search engines, you’re just writing for the sake of writing. There’s really no purpose to your writing other than to put your fingers to your keyboard or pen to paper and let words flow. It’s in these moments that masterpieces seem to emerge.

Outcome Independence

Yesterday I had a rather inspiring chat with someone who told me one of the most interesting things I’d ever heard about blogging. He said that we should forget about goals, and let go of the need for an outcome. It seems almost counter-intuitive considering what common knowledge tells us. Yet, this approach to things has made Dino quite successful. His new service is positioned to have a tremendous impact on the blogosphere because he pursued an idea with no concern for what the end result would be. When I started this site, I was pursuing my vision.  Yet there really was no end goal in mind. As long term travelers come to realize, the journey is the destination.

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