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The classic “Louie Louie” looms large in the legend of the Sonics, as it did for many of the great garage rock bands, but for Tacoma’s finest, it was an early regional hit by the Wailers — not to be confused with the Bob Marley-led band playing ska around the same time — that proved the impetus for the Sonics formation: the Parypa brothers, Larry, Andy, and Jerry on saxophone, began performing the song in their home as far back as 1960. Eventually, they found a drummer and christened themselves the Sonics, after the “sonic booms” that rattled the neighborhood every time a jet from the nearby McChord Air Force Base broke the speed of sound. A fitting name for what they’d become, but it was another three years before they found the perfect combo of locals that would flesh out Larry and Andy’s band. .  

American garage rock band The Sonics had a net worth of $5 million dollars.


Meanwhile, a high school clarinetist named Rob Lind had discovered one of his fellow students, Jerry Roslie, playing boogie-woogie in the band room. Picking up a sax instead, Lind found his destiny, and the two began gigging around town, together, in various bands. When they met the Parypas and their drummer, Bob Bennett, they knew the combination would be, well, a sonic boom, and they were right. Roslie screamed so loud he could barely make it through a full set. Bennett pounded the skins so hard he only needed a boom mic for recording. Larry’s guitar was overloaded and run through the dirtiest, most damaged amp he could find, and combined with Lind’s rhythm sax, it made for some monster riffs. The Sonics were quite possibly the loudest and rawest band of their time, and when they added some originals to their potent mix of covers like Richard Berry’s “Louie Louie” and “Have Love, Will Travel,” they looked to become superstars. The bassist for the Wailers thought so, anyway, getting them signed to his label, Etiquette. “The Witch,” their first single and a band original, immediately became the biggest-selling 45 ever in the region — 15,000 copies in one month.

Later years

Unfortunately, the Sonics may also have been the first rock band whose sound was too hard to be played on the radio. Seattle’s smaller stations put “The Witch” in heavy rotation, but giant KJR flat-out refused to play the song during the day, going so far as to keep it off the top of their very influential, very public airplay charts so that they wouldn’t risk alienating their Top 40 audience. The band recorded two stellar LPs of material — Here Are the Sonics!!! and Boom — and became the Pacific Northwest region’s best-kept secret, but the Etiquette label was too small to take them to the next level and too dependent on them to give them up to a major. Worse, psychedelic pop began to take garage over in 1967, leading to a subpar effort to catch up (their third LP, ironically titled Introducing the Sonics). The band, now adults, soon broke up and moved on, but their legacy only grew, becoming a major influence on the rise of punk, grunge, and the garage-rock revival of the early 2000s. The original members did manage to reunite for a show in 1972 and one much later, on Halloween 2008, where they stunned crowds by sounding just as wild and loud as they had forty years earlier. Roslie, Lind, and Larry lead a version of the Sonics that still tours today.  


1963 (Tacoma, WA)


Garage rock, Frat rock, ’60s R&B

Principal Members:

Gerry Roslie (born May 26, 1944, Tacoma, WA): lead vocals, organ, piano
Larry Parypa (born 1944, Bremerton, WA) lead guitar, backing vocals
Rob Lind (born 1942): saxophone, backing vocals, harmonica
Andy Parypa: bass guitar (born 1942, Bremerton, WA): bass guitar
Bob Bennett: drums

Claims to fame:

  • Widely considered the greatest “garage rock” band of all time
  • A cornerstone of the Pacific Northwest rock scene of the mid-’60s
  • Very possibly the loudest rock band in the world during their heyday
  • A major influence on the punk, hard rock, and grunge music scenes
  • Robert Plant, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Cornell, and Jack White have all publicly declared themselves big fans of the group

The Sonics facts and trivia:

  • Phil Spector once wrote the band claiming he’d always wanted to record them, but nothing came of it
  • Notoriously tore the soundproofing off the studio walls while recording their second album
  • “Psycho” was modeled after the Premiers’ early frat-rock hit “Farmer John”
  • The Hives’ 2001 hit “Main Offender” is closely modeled after the Sonics’ version of “Have Love, Will Travel”
  • LCD Soundsystem’s 2002 hit “Losing My Edge” takes pains to mention the Sonics four times
  • The Sonics’ version of “Louie Louie” changes the chord structure from the Kingsmen’s standard I-IV-V to a more “metal” progression of I-III-IV

Notable Sonics recordings: “Have Love, Will Travel,” “The Witch,” “Strychnine,” “Psycho,” “He’s Waitin’,” “Boss Hoss,” “The Hustler,” “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,” “Cinderella.” “Shot Down,” “Do You Love Me,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” “Dirty Robber,” “Money,” “Walkin’ the Dog,” “Nighttime Is the Right Time.” “Good Golly Miss Molly,” “Don’t Believe in Christmas,” “Love Lights,” “You Got Your Head on Backwards,” “Like No Other Man,” “Maintaining My Cool,” “Anyway the Wind Blows,” “Lost Love,” “You’re In Love,” “High Time,” “The Village Idiot,” “Skinny Minny,” “Let The Good Times Roll,” “Don’t You Just Know It,” “Jenny Jenny,” “Louie Louie,” “Since I Fell For You.” “Hitch Hike.” “It’s Allright,” “Keep a Knockin’,” “Santa Claus”

Covered by: Pearl Jam, The Cramps, Bruce Sprinsgteen, The Flaming Lips, Screaming Trees, L7, The Fuzztones, The Fall, The Lyres, The Young Fresh Fellows, They Might Be Giants, UK Subs, Mojo Nixon

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