The Buddha said

Hinduism at the time did say ‘it is’ and The Buddha did say ‘it is not’, the realizations are that these are one and the same.


Please note, on this page, you are reading Hinduism nothing that is said is being purported to be fact.

Basic enlightenment is understood to be the realization that each individual exists in a separate entity space but are also the space itself all is one or Brahma. It is understood that in the eternity that we exist in it is untenable for one to harm another individual without having to pay that harm back. For example if one imagines an ice cube tray and one naughty ice cube decides to chip off a corner of another ice cube, Indian traditions, as well as others, for example in Egypt, realized that this untenable approach to existence caused consequences in order to prevent the naughty ice cube from acting out again, and make the abused ice cube whole. The process of whole-ing up an ice cube is surprising and often comes in a completely different direction and way than is expected, but this is karma. Or in ancient Egypt ‘Ka-Maat’ or Maʽat.

A part of the illusion that is spoken of in these Indian religions. Is that anything else is happening besides the fruition of your own doings.

Thoughts Arise

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