How much is Tamia worth?

Net Worth:$10 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:May 9, 1975
1.69 m

Who Is Tamia

Tamia was born to a black mother and white father and was raised with her three younger brothers in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She grew up singing in a Gospel choir, but later branched out to singing pop music as a solo artist. While still in her teens, she became a known artist in the Ontario area and wound up winning several performance awards. In 1994, she ventured out to Los Angeles to jump-start her singing career and wound up recording a track for legendary producer Quincy Jones while she was still only 19. The song, “You Put a Move on My Heart,” wound up on Quincy’s compilation album Q’s Jook Joint.

Canadian singer, songwriter, producer, and actress Tamia has a net worth of $10 million dollars, as of 2020. Tamia started young performing in singing and dancing competitions as a child.

Born: May 9, 1975 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Tamia’s birth name was Tamia Washington, but after marrying NBA player Grant Hill in 1999, she amended it to Tamia Washington-Hill.

Rising Young Star

In 1995, “You Put a Move on My Heart,” was released as a single and wound up being nominated for (but not winning) a Grammy for Best Female R&B; Vocal Performance. Also that year, Tamia participated two other collaborations that wound up being nominated for (but again not winning) Grammys: The first was “Missing You,” a single from the soundtrack of the movie Set It Off. The song, which was nominated for Best R&B; Performance by a Duo or Group, also featured the singers Brandy, Chaka Khan and Gladys Knight. The other song was “Slow Jams,” a duet with Babyface that was nominated for Best Pop Collaboration w/Vocals.

Solo Career

Between 1997 and 2007 Tamia released four albums of clean, relatively wholesome R&B-pop; and dance music. Her first two albums, Tamia and A Nu Day each went gold in the United States, selling more than half a million copies each. A Nu Day her most successful album to date, is known for the hit singles “Stranger in My House” and “Can’t Go for That.” On July 24, 1999, Tamia married national Basketball Association player Grant Hill, who at the time played for the Detroit Pistons. (Detroit is across the border from Tamia’s hometown of Windsor, Ontario.) The couple’s first child, Myla Grace Hill, was born on Jan. 23, 2002.

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Marriage and Children

In 2003, Tamia was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but she and her husband Grant kept the news from the public for a time while she dealt with the disease. Then in 2003, Tamia began speaking out in interviews about having MS. Currently, she says, the disease is in remission and that the symptoms only affect her periodically. On Aug. 9, 2007, Tamia gave birth to her and her husband’s second child, Lael Rose Hill. The family currently lives in Southern California, where Grant Hill plays for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers.

‘Beautiful Surprise’

The title of Canadian singer-songwriter Tamia’s fifth studio album may be Beautiful Surprise, but it only halfway lives up to its name. Tamia and her voice are indeed beautiful, but to tell the truth, there’s no real surprises to be heard here. Quite the opposite, in fact: Beautiful Surprise, which was released in the U.S. Aug. 28, 2012, is chock full of formulaic songs that are too watered down to truly be considered R&B; music. But when placed in the category of adult contemporary pop and measured against those standards, this is a strong release. Some of the songs are cliched or bland or entirely too unoriginal, but the clarity of Tamia’s uncommonly crisp, strong voice gives the album a warmth it might not have otherwise.

Sparse, But Soaring

Throughout the course of Beautiful Day, Tamia gives us some truly soaring, ear-pleasing moments, such as on “Still Love You,” where she uses the analogy of a film to explain how she’ll feel about her man once their lives are in their twilight: “When the song is over and movie’s done, when the lights come up and the credits run, if we never get to where we though we’d be, when there’s only you and there’s only me, I will still love you,” she sings over a sparse but soaring piano and percussion-driven beat. And on “It’s Not Fair,” she mournfully sings over a Spanish guitar-laced melody about how unfair it is to be cheated on by a man whom you’ve given your everything to. The song is a prime example of how underrated her vocal strength is: it’s a powerful, lung-busting performance, but she manages to make it sound easy. And then of course, there’s the album’s title track, where over a moderately uptempo beat, she sweetly sings about her man surprising her by arriving home early from a trip out of town. Although it’s not implied in the song, there’s a clear parallel between the song’s theme and Tamia’s life as the wife of veteran NBA player Grant Hill, whom she’s been married to since 1999.

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Lacking Emotion

The drawback to this album however, is that although every song’s sung beautifully, there’s very little genuine emotion to be found, and that lessens’ the songs’ impact. It’s almost like Tamia put so much energy and effort to singing the words pitch perfect and to the best of her technical ability that she neglected to include the raw emotion that makes other artists with powerful voices, like Mary J. Blige and Aretha Franklin, such a joy to listen to and easy to empathize with. Basically, this is an album of lovely, well-produced pop-R&B; songs that are easy on the ears, but lack that certain element that makes you want to listen to them repeatedly. Ultimately, as gorgeous as the songs are, they’re not particularly memorable, with a couple of exceptions. And with a lack of original subject matter, or even an original spin on the old subject matter, this is an album that may please devoted Tamia fans, but may be a little too cookie-cutter and by-the-numbers for R&B; lovers looking for something fresh and new.

‘Between Friends’

On her fourth solo album, Between Friends, the Canadian singer Tamia fails to do enough to distinguish herself from the legions of other pretty-faced/moderately talented singers out there. That’s not to say that she can’t sing – she actually has a clear, strong voice. But what she doesn’t have, however, is: a) strong emotive abilities; b) a wide vocal range, c) a distinctive singing style and d) much of a personality.
Many successful singers have a couple of these problems – some even have three. But a combination of all four is a definite recipe for mediocrity.

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One of the biggest problems with Tamia’s fourth album, Between Friends, is that too many songs are so lightweight. They’re not bad songs, but they’re just kind of – there. This includes an unremarkable cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Day Dreamin,” the forgettable “Sittin’ on the Job” and the cliched “Last First Kiss.”

The album’s filled with by-the-numbers songs with themes (love, lust, romance, bad relationships) that have been recycled over and over by R&B; artists for decades. There are however, a few above-average songs, among them: “Almost,” about almost having had a relationship with someone, and lamenting letting them get away; the uplifting ballad “Me,” on which Tamia sings about self-love and choosing one’s self-respect over a boy. It’s a clever, well-written song and one of the strongest tracks on the album. Another winner is the mid-tempo break-up song “Love & I,” which closes the album.

Compared to many contemporary singers, Tamia’s image is wholesome and practically squeaky-clean, so she seems out of her element on the Rodney Jerkins-produced banger “Too Grown,” during which she complains about dudes trying to get at her at a dance club. The upbeat jam would have been fine for a young, 19- or 20-year-old girl to sing, but the 30-something Tamia – who’s been married to NBA player Grant Hill since 1999 and is the mother of a little girl who’ll be 5 in January – just sounds wrong singing the song. Which is too bad, because the track’s production is hot.

Another problem is that she seems to be concentrating too much on trying to sing well, instead of just letting it flow. Her vocal presence isn’t as natural, as a Beyonce Knowles or Mary J. Blige. And that’s not to say that Tamia can’t sing, she just lacks a little of the flavor that other, more emotive singers bring to the table.

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