Swift Star Net Worth

Swift Star also known as SwiftOnDemand or simply Swift is a music producer who appeared on reality television show Love & Hip Hop: New York. He’s there as a recurring character since he produces Cardi B’s music. As of 2021, Swift Star has an estimated net worth of $600 thousand and we know more.

His real name is Delroy Ford. The season 7 of Love & Hip Hop shows his life on tour with Cardi B as he promotes her mixtape and collaborates with her. This is a debut season for Swift Star but we expect him to be also on future seasons. He has an Instagram account swiftondemand with over 56 thousand followers. There’s a lot photos of him as well as Cardi.

On one episode, Swift kisses Cardi. Although he’s isn’t much open about it, Cardi B finds eventually out that Swift already has a girlfriend. Her name is Asia and she lives in London. Sounds to us like he has a problem now.

Love & Hip Hop: New York reality show premiered in 2011 on VH1 channel. It currently has seven seasons and thanks to it’s huge success fueled also creation of two spin-off from Hollywood and Atlanta. This created a large franchise of shows tracking the lifes of aspiring hip-hop artists and people around them.

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