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How much is Susan Sarandon worth?

Net Worth:$60 Million
Profession:Professional Actress
Date of Birth:October 4, 1946
Country:United States of America
1.7 m

Who Is Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is an award winning American actress and political activist who first rose to fame after starring in Bull Durham with Tim Robbins and Kevin Costner. She won an Academy Award for best actress for her role in Dead Man Walking, and has even been nominated four other times. In recent years, she has put more effort in to her activism and was even arrested in 2018 during the Women Disobey protests along with 575 other women. Her most famous performances include Thelma & Louise, Lorenzo’s Oil, and her brief stint in one of the most popular TV shows of all time, Friends.

As of 2021, Susan Sarandon has a net worth of $60 million dollars.

How Did Susan Sarandon Get So Rich?

Sarandon has starred in literally dozens of movies over the past few decades, and in the 90s, though all her paydays are undisclosed, she had the ability to demand higher salaries than most women working in the industry at that time. There are just two of Sarandon’s previous salaries that have been confirmed, with the first being $3.5 million for Lorenzo’s Oil, and secondly, $5 million for The Client. And considering that these movies were released long before Sarandon had truly hit her peak, we can only imagine how much she was paid for movies like Dead Man Walking and Stepmom.

With a filmography that has made her millions, Sarandon has unsurprisingly turned interests and hobbies outside of the movie world in to lucrative businesses, like many actors end up doing. But where most entertainers tend to open restaurants or a start their own tequila brand, Sarandon had a more peculiar business idea. With her former partner, Jonathan Bricklin, Sarandon started a chain of ping-pong lounges called SPiN. The chain has become so successful that it has expanded outside of the US, as the company has lounges in Canada too.

Why Is She So Famous?

In the 1980s, Sarandon had many minor roles in movies helmed by prolific directors and acted alongside Hollywood greats, most notably appearing in The Witches of Eastwick with Jack Nicholson, Cher, and Michelle Pfeiffer. She was even directed by the late, great Tony Scott in 1983’s The Hunger, in which Sarandon controversially appeared in a lesbian sex scene. But her break out role came in 1988, when she starred in Bull Durham alongside Kevin Costner and her ex-husband, Tim Robbins. The movie was a hit and a huge success for the rising star, as she was praised by every critic who reviewed the movie, including the famed critic Roger Ebert, who claimed that no other actress could have played off the role quite as well as Sarandon.

After that success, Sarandon became a critical darling, as anything she starred in was raved about and scored increasingly great box office numbers with each consecutive release. In 1991, the actress starred in Thelma & Louise, which has made it’s mark in pop culture history and has been parodied to no end thanks to it’s final heart wrenching scene. In the movie, Sarandon goes on a road trip with her counterpart Geena Davis, and it is now considered a classic and is preserved in the National Film Registry of the United States Library of Congress due to being a landmark feminist film.

Since then, the actress has starred in several movies considered to be classics, including Lorenzo’s Oil, The Client, and Dead Man Walking for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress. The movie is a crime drama that co-stars Sean Penn and follows the final days of a prison inmate on death row. The movie was a hit, and it made seven times its budget. And outside of movies, Sarandon is more than just a recognizable face on the small screen, as she has featured on countless TV shows. Most notably, she briefly guest starred on Friends as a fictional soap actress that Joey looks up to. For the role, Sarandon was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, one of six that she has been nominated for.

Outside of the entertainment industry, Sarandon’s personal life has been documented heavily in the tabloids, mostly for her love life, as she has dated many high profile actors in the past. She has been romantically involved with Ziggy Stardust himself, David Bowie, and her Dead Man Walking co star, Sean Penn, but she was most famously dating Tim Robbins, and the pair were together for over 20 years before they separated in 2009.

What Makes Susan So Successful?

People often say that Sarandon is timelessly cool, as at the young age of 73, she still attends Burning Man, a hippie festival in the desert, trips out on shrooms, and smokes marijuana with rapper A$AP Rocky. She has a twitter account where she regularly engages in conversation with rappers about their songs, and she even starred in a Jay Z music video in 2016, when the actress was 69 years old. Sarandon has been endorsing the legalization of marijuana for decades, and she has a long list of pointers for what to do if it’s your first time taking hallucinogenics.

Sarandon is an incredibly had worker; while trying to earn a BA in drama in college, she supported herself by cutting hair, cleaning houses, and being a switchboard operator. This work ethic continued all the way through her acting career and in to her political activism. In the prime of her acting career, Sarandon was nominated for and won dozens of awards (and she claims she currently keeps her Oscar in the bathroom), and in her activism she is willing to protest up the point of getting arrested.


Through grafting and sheer hard work, Sarandon has earned a filmography as colorful and iconic as her personality. She is more youthful and full of energy than the youth of today, and continues her legacy through associating with rappers and pop stars like Ariana Grande. Thanks to this, Sarandon has gained an estimated net worth of $50 million. In the coming months, the actress is set to play Ruby Love in Tunnels, which takes plays during the aftermath of a school shooting.

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