Steve-O Net Worth

How much is Steve-O worth?

Net Worth:$2.5 Million
Profession:Professional Television Personality
Date of Birth:June 13, 1974
Country:United States of America
1.77 m

About Steve-O

Steve-O is a TV personality most famous for his over the top stunts in Jackass . The show spawned three movies and Steve-O became the MVP of the series, being most of the fans’ favorite performer. He has also pursued other careers in music, stand-up comedy, and writing, to varying degrees of success.

As of 2021, we estimate Steve-O has a net worth of $2.5 million dollars.

How did Steve-O get rich?

Steve-O got a massive amount of traction after prominently appearing in the MTV series Jackass. The show went on to become a highly successful franchise, which included a successful console video-game and three Hollywood movies, with the third film having a budget of $20 million and being shot on the best 3D cameras in the industry, just to be used to film a bunch of self-proclaimed rejects prank each other. In total, the Jackass trilogy has grossed a total of $330 million, and that’s partly thanks to Steve-O as his stunts are by far the most brutal and disgusting.

Arguably his most memorable stunt was when he pushed a fishing hook through his cheek, jumped in to the sea attached to the hook, and was used as bait for sharks. He had the honor of closing out the final Jackass movie, Jackass 3D, when he was shot in to the sky in a porta potty filled with excrement.

Besides self inflicting pain on TV with his friends, Steve-O became somewhat of a television personality and is known for revealing a giant tattoo of his face, which covers his whole back. Steve-O has broken several bones for our entertainment. He has broken a total of 12 bones in his career, most recently breaking both of his legs trying to pull off a skateboard stunt in 2016. In classic Steve-O fashion, the stunt included a porta potty and a wrecked car. Not only has he broken bones for our enjoyment, but he has also had stints in jail due to his stunts too. He was jailed for climbing a crane and protesting against Seaworld in 2015, leading to fans raising his bail money through a GoFundMe page.

Though he was famous, he was still broke while shooting season two of Jackass and it wouldn’t be until years later when he would begin to feel financially comfortable. Around filming Jackass, he would shoot stand-up comedy specials and he saw a lot of success from it.

After the final series of Jackass ended, Steve-O continued to perform stunts with fellow Jackass performer Chris Pontius on the new television series, Wildboyz, only this time there was a heavier focus on acts with animals. Though the jackass crew had disbanded for the television show, members intermittently featured on Wildboyz, getting up to their usual boys-will-be-boys pranks. The series was incredibly successful and it even outlasted Jackass, being on screen for four seasons.

Steve-O has lent his voice to three video-games, including a game adaptation of the Jackass series, and more importantly in Tony Hawk’s Underground 2. Despite not being a professional skater, Steve-O prominently featured in the game. Underground 2 was a departure from the previous games in the Tony Hawk series, as it required the player to perform stunts and pranks more often than pulling off gravity defying tricks on a skateboard. The game was clearly directly influenced by Jackass and cashed in on the popularity.

What makes him so successful?

As entertainment has shifted from television networks to streaming services and YouTube, Steve-O has made use of the latter, as he not only uploads to his own channel but also often features on other personalities’ channels, which helps push his hot sauce to those outside of being fans of his stunts. He has five and a half million subscribers on YouTube, and his videos usually get around two million views. It is estimated that Steve-O makes around $600 per day from his YouTube channel. Most of his videos are about his past as he explains strange encounters and weird jobs he had before he was famous.

In 2011, Steve-O published Professional Idiot: A Memoir, an autobiography further explaining bizarre situations he had gotten himself in to and how he became the professional idiot he is today. Steve-O’s most recent, non-life threatening venture is his very own hot sauce, creatively named Hot Sauce For Your Butthole, which continues to sell out. To promote the hot sauce, he appeared on Gordon Ramsey’s YouTube channel. He spontaneously poured his brand of hot sauce in to his eye while being recorded. Ramsey watched in disbelief, when all they were supposed to be doing is making omelettes. The video his gained over eight million views in just two months.

We calculate Steve-O is worth $2.5 million dollars in 2020.


Despite his fame and being wildly popular, Steve-O’s net worth is just $2.5 million. Unfortunately, after Jackass ended, most of the stars of the show had something else to fall back on. Johnny Knoxville became a movie star. Bam Margera continued his professional skating career. But Steve-O can’t act like Knoxville, as he’s only done cameos here and there, and though he does skate, he isn’t professional like Margera. Still, $2.5 million is a lot better than his reported pay of $500 per life threatening stunt during the first series of Jackass.

It is possible that we haven’t seen the last of the wild side of Steve-O. Not only have their been rumors of a fourth Jackass movie for years, but it is now actively being developed and Paramount confirmed the release for July 2021. Though it’s doubtful that the movie will be as crazy as the last three movies as the performers are now much older. Jackass 3D is almost 10 years old now and Steve-O has hit 45 years old. What also makes things tougher for the comedian to perform these stunts is the fact that he is 12 years sober, and considering most of his stunts were done under the influence of drugs and alcohol, it might be hard to get the motivation. However, he has been stated as saying that the older he gets the more excited he is about performing stunts, so who knows!

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