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How much is Steve Carell worth?

Net Worth:$85 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:August 16, 1962
Country:United States of America
1.75 m

“When people ask whether I play a musical instrument, I generally say that I don’t so I don’t have to acknowledge that I play the baritone horn. And I also play the fife, which is no more sexy than the baritone horn.” — Steve Carell

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Who Is Steve Carell

He’s the ‘Worlds Best Boss’ on the comedy The Office, and he’s quite the chivalrous gentleman in Date Night alongside funny woman, Tina Fey.

Before he made a huge splash as America’s favorite awkward, but good-intentioned, boss on The Office, Steve Carell had a long career as a comedian on the brink. But his years behind the scenes and just left of the spotlight seem like ancient history for a guy whose signature deadpan, self-deprecating humor has made him a fan favorite whether he’s the boss or a middle-aged virgin.

He is known for his ability to switch between dramatic roles alongside Christian Bale as he did in The Big Short (2015) and improvisational goofy comedies with Seth Rogen, like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. It’s something that very few actors can do successfully as they’re usually identified as one or the other, which is one of the factors that has led to Steve Carell’s success.

As of 2021, we Steve Carell has a ballpark net worth of about $85 million dollars.

Beantown To Second City

Carell was born and raised in the Boston area where he took part in some decidedly unsexy hobbies like playing the fife in Civil War reenactments. Not surprisingly, he majored in history as a student at Denison University in Ohio where he started a sketch comedy group and deejayed on the college radio station.  

After a few failed careers including a brief stint as a mail carrier back in Massachusetts, Steve headed to Chicago in 1991 to start his comedy career. He joined the famous improv Second City group where he met his future The Daily Show co-correspondents Stephen Colbert and Nancy Walls—the latter also became his wife.  

Small Screen To Silver Screen

Starting in 1996, Steve started to make a serious run at a television career appearing on doomed shows like The Dana Carvey Show and Over the Top before landing brief guest stints on Just Shoot Me and Comedy Central’s Strangers with Candy. His voice role on The Dana Carvey Show’s notorious animated skit ‘The Ambiguously Gay Duo’ carried over to Saturday Night Live, but he started to really break out when he became a correspondent on The Daily Show in 1999. On the late-night “fake news” program hosted by Jon Stewart, Carell starred in several popular sketches including ‘Ad Nauseum’, ‘Produce Pete’ and ‘Even Steph/ven’ alongside Colbert.  

During his stint on The Daily Show, Steve started to achieve cult comedy status and land small roles in films like Bruce Almighty (2003), stealing the scene from Jim Carrey, and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004). In 2005, he officially became a leading man when he played the title role in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. The following year he starred in the lauded independent comedy Little Miss Sunshine before starring in less successful films Evan Almighty and Dan in Real Life.  

Office Life

But even with a successful film career, one of his most beloved roles came in 2005 on television. He was cast to star in NBC’s adaptation of the famous British mockumentary The Office as a misguided, oft-arrogant boss, a role originally filled by the show’s creator Ricky Gervais. The series became a huge success and Carell won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series in 2006.  

But Steve broke fans’ hearts when announced he was walking away from The Office in 2011 after the seventh season to focus on his family. He has two children with Nancy—Elisabeth (born 2001) and John (born 2004).  

We won’t get to see Steve Carell offending his employees and embarrassing himself anymore as Michael Scott, but this definitely isn’t the end of his wildly successful career.

What Makes Him So Successful?

With a lot of character actors, it’s hard to become accustomed to seeing them in different roles, but like some his peers such as Will Ferrell, Steve Carell has done a marvelous job of overcoming this. For someone who was named America’s ‘Funniest Man’ by Life Magazine, he is an insanely dynamic actor.

Like a lot of actors, Steve Carell is involved in many aspects within the industry, especially in the streaming services which are taking over how cinema works. Currently starring in two ongoing shows on Netflix and AppleTV+, Carell’s most recent ventures include a series he co-created with his “The Office” partner Greg Daniels. Space Force, which is more than just a Michael Scott-does-government-stuff type show has already had rave reviews and outstanding success online. The other series is The Morning Show, in which he plays news anchor. These are two shows that intelligently incorporate the current political and economical climates while being funny, satirical, and dramatic; essentially combining Carell’s best skills.

Carell also has a great actor-director relationship with Adam McKay, who helmed the “Anchorman” and more recently directed Carell in more dramatic roles in The Big Short and Vice. Usually a TV actor’s career dies with its character, and on paper that is what should have happened to Carell after he ended with The Office. It’s a credit to him that he took on serious roles so naturally, which is something so few comedy actors can pull off, especially after starring in a TV show for seven years. Now, Carell is known for his dramatic roles almost as much as his comedy roles. He has gone on to be nominated for an Academy Award for his role in Foxcatcher, and has won several other awards for his dramatic acting as well.

How Did Steve Carell Get So Rich?

After only getting paid $500,000 for The 40-Year Old Virgin in 2005, a movie that he co-wrote, produced, and starred in, it wouldn’t be until years later when the comedian would start reaping the rewards. However, in the later 2000s and early 2010s, he would be offered cash hand over fist to play even the smallest role. During the height of The Office’s popularity, the actor was making $300,000 per episode, and in season five alone there were 28 episodes. Because the actor was in such high demand, NBC allowed the shooting schedule of The Office to work around Carell’s other filming commitments for movies. As The Office turned him in to a certified star and proved that he could carry a TV show, that’s when he started getting salaries of around $12 million per movie with the highest being $15 million for his role in Crazy Stupid Love (2011), starring alongside Canadian Actor, Ryan Gosling.

Carell starred in the Dreamworks animation, Over The Hedge, in 2006, where he was paid millions. Just four years later, Carell hit the lottery when he was cast to voice the Despicable Me antagonist, Gru, for five movies including Minions and the upcoming Minions sequel. The Despicable Me Franchise which includes the Minions movies has gone on to be the number one highest grossing animated franchise in history, with a box office gross of more than $3.7 billion.

Between successful film franchises and huge movie salaries, Carell also makes money from syndication sales of The Office. As he was the star of the show and had a hand in producing and writing a lot of the material as well, he continues receive millions for re-runs of the show.

We calculate Steve Carell is worth $85 million dollars in 2020.

Why Is He So Famous?

Carell was always featuring on TV doing comedy in some form or another, but his big break can be tracked back to his small role in the Jim Carrey movie Bruce Almighty (2003), in which he plays the first of three news anchor roles of his career. Carell’s scene in Bruce Almighty has become so popular due to being shared as meme on social networks that he could be recognized for the .gif alone. Carell aced the role and became such a hit among audiences that he was offered to reprise the character in his own spin-off movie, Evan Almighty (2007).

Carell’s role in Bruce Almighty was very closely followed by Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy, with the role of Brick Tamlan, another news anchor, but this time more in keeping with the otherworldly characters we have become accustomed to seeing Carell play. In character as Brick, it is unanimously understood the Carell stole the show in Anchorman, Brick has become iconic in pop-culture whose lines you can often hear being quoted all the time.

Steve Carell’s career trajectory is a lot different to his peers’. By the time it came to Carell being cast in The Office and turning a cult hit show into something else entirely, he was already a movie star. As if there weren’t eyes already on him after his ‘Anchorman’ performance, Carell somehow created a syndication empire when he took on the role of the inherently lovable best-worst boss ever, Michael Scott in The Office. There is no way, the creators could have thought this US adaptation of Ricky Gervais‘ UK comedy of the same name, famous for it’s dry humor, could have been so successful. But it was, and if they had cast anybody other than Steve Carell, it definitely wouldn’t have been. Steve Carell is synonymous with Michael Scott and it’s what made his famous.


His big switch into drama shouldn’t have come as that much of a surprise as he was taking these kinds of roles ever since 2006, where he played a man on the verge of suicide in Little Miss Sunshine. He has always walked the tightrope between a serious and comedic actor so well that it has led to a great number of roles available for him. There are no gimmicks, no cheats in his work. He started out getting paid just $500,000 for the movie he co-wrote and created, The 40-Year Old Virgin, all the way to getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per episode for The Office and as much as $15 million per movie as he did in Crazy Stupid Love. This has allowed Steve Carell to grow his net worth as much $85 million dollars in 2020.

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