5 Star Wars Characters We’d Love to Know More About

The paperback edition of Star Wars: Phasma hit shelves this week, giving readers another chance to learn the history of one of the New Order’s most fearsome officers. Phasma fills a hole in Star Wars history, but she’s not the only character whose backstory we’d love to explore. Here are five more. 

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Snoke was the biggest unknown in the new era. No one on our side of the movie screen knows where the guy came from, who trained him, or how he even managed to engineer Ben Solo’s fall from the light. How did he get his scars? Where was he during the Rebellion? There are so many questions remaining to be answered about Snoke, and whether or not they’ll be addressed in Episode IX is anyone’s guess. Given his rather unceremonious exit in Episode VIII,  I’m inclined to think the new trilogy is done with him.

Sidon Ithano

Sidon Ithano, also known as the Crimson Corsair, was an infamous pirate with whom Finn almost signed on during The Force Awakens. While we’ve learned a little more about Sidon in Landry Q. Walker’s short story “The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku”, there’s much to his backstory that we just don’t know. The biggest question I have regarding the Crimson Corsair is how he came to own his signature mask. Sidon is a Delphidian, but the mask is a traditional Kaleesh accoutrement. I imagine that there’s a story behind it, and why he chose to wear it all the time. The obvious answer would be to hide his identity, but surely there were more comfortable ways to accomplish that besides donning a piece of headgear designed for a species of radically different physiognomy.

Jav Mefran

Jav Mefran was another “blink and you’ll miss him” character featured ever so briefly in Rogue One. Jav was a grizzled veteran of the Rebel Alliance’s 4th SpecForce regiment, which was the Rebellion equivalent of the United States Navy’s SEALs. Jav saw action during the Rebellion, and came back to work for the Resistance. His scraggly beard, distant expression, and weathered clothing spoke to a lifetime of tough jobs accomplished at great peril. Exploring Jav’s decades-long career as an elite special operator would give us a grunt’s eye view of the Rebellion and Resistance’s battle with the forces of oppression. 


Presuming he told the truth, Star Wars RebelsBendu was some kind of living god: the embodiment of neutrality in the Force. Neither light, nor dark, Bendu was “the one in the middle.” Possessed of immense power, yet still vulnerable to the crushing might of the Empire, Bendu was a paradox and anomaly in a galaxy defined by moral absolutism. Could the Jedi and Sith have skipped all of this fighting and followed the path of Bendu? Why are we just hearing of this guy now? Where did he come from and how long was he around? I need answers.

Rum Sleg

Competition is fierce when it comes to cool looking bounty hunters, but Rum Sleg, a character seen for on-screen for mere moments in The Phantom Menace, is very near the top of the game. Rocking a red vacuum suit and skull mask and armed with a blaster, Rum cut quite a figure on the streets of Tatooine. I know a cool outfit isn’t much reason to nominate a character for backstory development, but if it was good enough for Boba Fett, then it should be good enough for Rum.

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