How much progress do you really make when you are trying to solve problems in your life, your business, or anywhere else? For most people it’s kind of an endless loop of nonsense that we live in.  For example, there’s a problem in your life that you’ve been trying to solve for a while and what you keep asking yourself is “How do I fix this?” You’ve probably heard the phrase before that What you Resist Persists.  That seems to be common to every problem we are busy trying to solve.

Today I want to share an idea with you that could dramatically change how you solve a problem with a story.

A few days ago a friend of mine got some news that kind of shook up their world. Their work hours had been scaled back significantly due to budget changes. This would mean he would no longer receive the salary that they were previously on putting them in a potentially very tricky financial situation.

At first they were continually asking the question “how do I fix this?”, yet then decided to shift their focus and instead ask the question “what are the possible outcomes here?”, instead.

Notice how with this simple shift in the question you are asking about the problem, how infinite possibilities (some not so great) and some far better than just a solution to the problem, emerge.

In what might have turned into a mental meltdown instead my friend decided to look at the facts, and consider the facts and what was possible.

The Facts:

– That’s less money than they were previously making
– Living in LA on may be a stretch on their new income

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The Emergence of Possibility

Once you embrace the way it currently it is, all of a sudden endless possibilities emerge. When you stop resisting the circumstances of your life, a blank canvas emerges, giving you the opportunity to turn your life into the masterpiece it was meant to be. All of a sudden you have different directions you could move in that weren’t even options before. Once you start moving in a direction, even more things will start to open up. When my friend was given the news about his job, he decided to bring up the possibility of  location independence. As a result, he started an unplanned journey by relocating to Costa Rica. While they have been dreaming about a sabbatical for some time, they had hoped it would be under different circumstances. However, this may very well be the catalyst for writing the next chapter of their life.

What comes next is complete uncertainty. But sometimes it’s the willingness to take a big chance that opens up even more possibilities in our lives.  Heading off with an established income stream is something most people never get to do  and so they have decided to embrace the endless possibility that could arise from this journey.


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