Sofia Vergara Net Worth

How much is Sofia Vergara worth?

Net Worth:$180 Million
Profession:Professional Actress
Date of Birth:July 10, 1972
Country:Colombian-born American
1.7 m

You’ve see this Colombian beauty raking in the laughs with her killer punch lines and comical language barrier on Modern Family

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Who Is Sofia Vergara

Check any Hollywood’s hottest celebrity list and you’re sure to find Sofia Vergara, the busty and beautiful Columbian model-gone-actress. Before she made it big in primetime American television, Vergara was one of Latin America’s most beloved personalities.  

American-Colombian actress Sofia Vergara has a net worth of $180 million dollars, as of 2021.

Picture Perfect

Hailing from the same coastal city as the lovely Shakira, Vergara was born into a well-off family in Barranquilla, Colombia. Growing up on the family’s farm, she attended private bilingual elementary school and, at 18, married her teenage sweetheart with whom she had a son at 20. Their marriage didn’t last, however, and Vergara set off to college to study with dreams of becoming a dentist. But she left after only three years to chase a more lucrative opportunity in modeling.  

Discovered on a Colombian beach by a photographer, Sofia’s early modeling career spanned from the runway to swimsuit calendars. Her first major public appearance happened at age 17 when Pepsi-Cola used her in a commercial that was broadcast throughout Latin America and was on her way to becoming a global sensation.  

Television And Tragedy

Univision, the most-widely viewed Spanish-language television network, recruited the rising starlet to co-host Fuera de Serie (Over the Top), and later A Que No Te Atreves (I Dare You). The two shows were broadcast internationally wherever the network could be found, making Vergara a star in Latin America, and gave her exposure in the United States.  

As Sofia was finding her foothold in the entertainment industry, tragedy fell upon her family. In 1998, her older brother was murdered in a kidnapping situation that still remains unsolved. The terrible incident greatly impacted the tightly knit family, but did not diminish Vergara’s drive for success as she became even more determined to ensure her family’s financial well-being.  

Coming To America

After her exclusive contract with Univision expired, she immediately started branching out into English-speaking roles. ABC swooped in and picked her up for roles in sitcoms like Hot Properties and The Knights of Prosperity, neither of which experienced great success. Vergara continued to play minor roles in both television and films, getting her first break on the big screen being cast as a Latina maid in Disney’s Big Trouble (2002). She took bigger roles in subsequent films like Chasing Papi (2003), The 24th Day (2004), Lords of Dogtown (2005) and Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns (2008), but they earned underwhelming critical reviews. Even still, Sofia continued working in television, playing small parts until 2009 when she hit her stride.  

ABC cast Vergara alongside sitcom veteran Ed O’Neil on the quick-to-the-Emmys comedy Modern Family, which debuted in Septemer 2009. Looking beyond her jaw-dropping beauty, audiences were charmed by Vergara’s talents as a comedic actress. The role has also earned her a nomination for both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a television series.  

Sex Symbol

Defying the usual Hollywood trends, Vergara dyes her naturally blonde hair darker in order to satisfy the stereotypical Latina expectations. Unlike her hair, Vergara maintains that her voluptuous body is all natural. Her sex appeal has led her to be “the most downloaded Latin woman in the United States,” as she puts it. Even A-list actors couldn’t resist. Before Tom Cruise got cozy with Katie Holmes, Vergara entertained a relationship with the former top gun. She met Florida politician/businessman Nick Loeb in January 2010 at a Golden Globes party, and the pair have been an item ever since.  

Sofia Vergara continues on to be one of the few Hispanic stars to experience full immersion in the American entertainment industry, following behind similar stories of crossover fame with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz. Success has driven her ambitions to new heights as the blossoming starlet claims she will not be satisfied until she has starred in her own films.

Defining Quote “It’s hard sometimes when you get excited or when acting and you’re into the character to think of the words and the pronunciation. It’s kind of a challenge for me every time that I’m doing a scene.”

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