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How much is Snoop Dogg worth?

Net Worth:$150 Million
Profession:Professional Rapper
Date of Birth:October 20, 1971
Country:United States of America
1.93 m

“A lot of people like to fool you and say that you’re not smart if you never went to college, but common sense rules over everything. That’s what I learned from selling crack.” — Snoop Dogg

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Who Is Snoop Doggy Dogg

He blasted onto the gangster rap scene sippin’ on gin ‘n’ juice and growing into a one-man empire with production, acting and endorsement deals.

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr is a west coast rapper born on 20th October 1971 in California. Growing up in a family of 3 boys together with his stepfather and mother. The rapper is known by his stage name Snoop Dogg, a nickname given to him by his mum who thought he looks like Snoopy from the famous cartoon “Peanut”. As a young boy, he sang and played at his local church Golgotha Trinity Baptist and began rapping in 6th grade.

Snoop Dogg became a singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, actor, entrepreneur, and media personality who started his musical career in 1992, after Dr. Dre discovered him. Snoop would rap at hallway high school and attract a vast crowd that made him realize his talent. He started gang banging as a teenager and become a member of notorious Rollin 20 crips, a street gang on the east side of Long Beach. Fortunately after narrowly escape a life-sentence for murder Snopp left it all behind to dedicate everything to his music.

Selling more than 35 million albums globally has earned Snoop Dogg a net worth of $150 million dollars, as of 2021. Snoop Doggy Dogg briefly went by Snoop Lion, today he’s just Snoop Dogg an American rapper turned media personality.

A Dogg Is Born (The Beginning)

Before Snoop Dogg signed on for the family reality show Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood on E!, before he endorsed Boost Mobile, the Chrysler 300, Pepsi Max and Orbit Gum—in short, before he became the warmer, cuddlier, more demographic-friendly type of rapper—Snoop was all “187 on an undercover cop.” Longtime fans will remember that in the ’90s, Snoop was 100% gangsta rap. Now, after 20 years in the business, Snoop Dogg is part of the old guard, having long ago claimed and definitively earned his title, Tha Doggfather.

Calvin Cordozar Broadus grew up in Long Beach and by the end of high school, he was a member of the infamous Crips street gang. Just after graduation Snopp did six months for cocaine possession.

He had been rapping since 6th grade as well as singing in his Baptist Church choir, but imprisonment focused him. “I started thinking about my life,” he said later. “Do I want to keep coming back to this place, or do I want to elevate myself and make my mother proud of me?” He began recording mix-tapes under the group name 213 (the area code for Long Beach) with cousin Nate Dogg and friend Warren G. Warren G introduced Snoop to his step-brother Dr. Dre, and the two hit it off.  

After N.W.A. dissolved, Snoop collaborated heavily with Dr. Dre on Dre’s debut record, The Chronic, the success of which made Snoop a superstar before he had even released an album. Dr. Dre essentially invented West Coast G-Funk hip-hop, never more so with ‘Nothin’ But a G Thang,’ which introduced Snoop to the world. He had already cemented his laconic, confident, agile drawl that he’d keep his whole career, and the reviews uniformly praised Dre’s “secret weapon,” this highly anticipated young rapper named Snoop Doggy Dogg.  

Long Live The Dogg

In 1993, shortly after The Chronic, Snoop released his own debut, Doggystyle, which set the record for fastest selling debut ever (a record he’d keep for seven years, until dethroned by Eminem). The album had the funky musicality to win suburban fans, with lyrics vicious enough for the existing rap audience. Plus, he had an unquestionable authenticity.  

Gangsta rap is probably the only industry where a murder indictment helps your career, and in 1993 Snoop was arrested for driving a Jeep from which his bodyguard shot someone to death. The men were defended by Johnnie Cochran, and both were ultimately acquitted. A free man, now with a son Corde (born in 1994), Snoop’s sophomore record Tha Doggfather debuted at number one. In 1997 he married his son’s mother Shante, and the two had two more children, Cori and Cordell. While he and Shante initially filed for divorce in 2004, they eventually managed to reconcile and keep the family together.  

Musically, Snoop’s story is simple: he debuted on top, and then stayed there. His songs evolved into the 2000s and, though he would shift from the image of a gangsta to that of a pimp, and lose his “Doggy” middle-name, Snoop Dogg stayed immensely popular in the rap world through over 10 studio albums, and his legacy is broad and diverse.  

He has starred in three different television series. He’s had roles in feature films and even produced his own porn. Billboard awarded 2004’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ the most popular rap song of the decade. The suffix “-izzle” remains popular with everyone from rappers to suburban white kids. And though he has had fairly constant marijuana- and firearm-related problems with the law, he remains free as one of the oldest, coolest, most celebrated names in the history of rap music.

What makes him so successful?

Snoop is an ambitious, go-getter, a hardworking person who never quits despite the many challenges that present themselves. He has a likable personality, a great image and his work with many great artists from the late Tupac Shakur, to Pharrell Williams, and Justin Timberlake have only increased his audience. He releases original flow freestyle lyrics and produces soft vocals compared to other rappers who release hard-edged rap. Snoop keeps working on his music and acting career recording more albums that sell more copies globally, as well as appearing in movies and various television shows. Snoop is also business-oriented. In 2016 he launched a new line of cannabis products that included edibles, flowers, and concentrate under the name “Leafs By Snoop”. In 2019 he started a video game business and created his own Esports League game called “Gangsta Gaming League”.

How did Snoop Dogg get so rich?

Snoop has a net worth that we calculate to be in the region of $150 million dollars generated from his diverse talents in his musical career, music production, concerts, tours, film appearances, and businesses. Snoop had a great vision that led to his achievements. His first solo debut Doggy Style sold over 800,000 copies in the first two weeks of its release, pocketing over $6 million dollars. He then released Who Am I and Gin and Juice, two songs which were among the top ten played songs in America and sold more than 6 million copies worldwide.

He and his bodyguard Mckinley “Malik” Lee were charged with the murder of gang member Philip Woldermariam in 1996. They argued self defense and many months in court were finally acquitted. After Snopp was released he quit Death Row Records because of a contract dispute. He then signed up with Master P‘s No Limit Records, where he released two new debut albums Da Game 1998 and No Limit Top Dogg 1999 that sold over 1.5 million copies. He also released Tha Last Meal with the same record in 2000 that sold over 2 million copies in 1999. In 2004 Snopp Dogg signed with Geffen Records where he met his long time crew Nate Dogg and Warren G, forming group 213 again. He produced three more albums under Greffen Record, releasing his third album in 2004, featuring Charlie Wilson and Justin Timberlake. The song ranked number 2 in the UK charts and sold over 1.7 million copies in the USA alone.

Snoop also furthered his career by branchingg out from music and starting acting. He appeared in films like Training Day, The Wash and Starsky & Hutch (2004). He was also a guest actor on different television shows like Weeds and The L Word. Later he started his own reality television show with high school girlfriend and wife Shante and his three children Corde, Cori, and Cordell. Snoop featured on a sketch show called Doggy Fizzle Televizzle and, in 2011, participated in a show called Comedy Central Roast. In 2016 he paired with a lifestyle guru Martha Stewart to host dinner parties that attract a lot of celebrities. He starred in movies such as Never Stop Never Stopping and also hosted a 1970 show Revival of Jokers Wild. He’s worked on many albums his own and other artists as singer and a producer, always looking to deliver the very best. Snoop has gained recognition for it too, with music awards and nominated in 20 Grammy awards.

Apart from his music career, Snoop is also an entrepreneur. He became the first A-List celebrity to invest in the cannabis business. Snoop owns “Leafs By Snoop” a cannabis brand produced by Canopy Growth Corporation. After Mary Jane introduced a cannabis website, Snoop launched a line of cannabis products in 2016 for both the US and Canadian markets.

Why is he so famous?

After he graduated from high school, he spent time in prison for possession of cocaine. From prison, he formed a group called 213 with his friend Warren G and two cousins Nate Dogg and Lil’ ½ Dead to put down some homemade mix tape tracks.

In 1992 one of his solo tracks came to the attention of the influential producer Dr. Dre. Dre was impressed by the mix tape and invited Snoop for an audition. Dre became his mentor and taught him how to structure the lyrics and the basics of producing. Snoop also learned to break themes into hooks, verses, and choruses. He raps using the name Snoop Doggy Dogg and joined Death Row Records family, where he worked on his theme song album Deep Cover alongside Laurence Fishburne.

Later in the same year, he collaborated with Dr. Dre’s album called “The Chronic”. From that exposure, his debut album Doggy Style was rated number one on both Billboard Top R&B hip-hop charts and Billboard 200 that led to Snopp’s original fame.


Snoop Dogg, an American rapper who escaped a life in prison only to become famous for songs such as Reincarnated, Godfather, and Doggy Style, has worked hard to become successful. He has also worked on Gospel song Bible Love that he released in 2018. The singer has experienced prison life with charges such as drug possession, but that didn’t stop him from achieving his goals. Aside from producing music and albums and appearing on the TV show, he also ventured into business.

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