Shelby Stanga Net Worth

Shelby Stanga is a popular host of TV series The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man. Before the show, Stanga was a normal logger from Louisiana. But the series meant an opportunity for him to become famous and rich. It started in 2013 and still continues in 2015. Shelby Stanga’s current net worth is approximately $400,000.

How Did Shelby Stanga Get So Rich?

There’s not much details publicly available about his personal life. When it comes to age, different sources claim that Shelby is as young as 45 or as old as 55. He’s married to a woman named Donna. Shelby also has a dog called Wiley. The show tracks his life when he’s not working. The viewers are especially interested in situations that feel strange to him due to his exceptional lifestyle.

Although starring on television show nicely increased his net worth, Stanga isn’t exactly rich and we doubt he has any plans of leaving his logging job. The series runs on History channel and is basically a spin-off to the series Ax Men.

We hope we’ll continue to see Shelby Stanga on History channel since his life story is really interesting one. The series also shows other members of his family such as his hot blond cousin Cheyenne Bardwell. She has a perfect bikini body and cute smile.

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