Shaquille O’Neal Net Worth

How much is Shaquille O’Neal worth?

Net Worth:$420 Million
Profession:Professional Basketball Player
Date of Birth:March 6, 1972
Country:United States of America
2.16 m

About Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq is the most common, but not the only nickname of Shaquille O’Neal, one of the best NBA players in history and specifically one of the most dominant centers to ever play the game. Standing at 7 foot 2 inches and weighing more than 300 pounds, but still very agile for his size, Shaq was a dominant force that the NBA has not seen before his arrival in the NBA; and a lot of time will pass before we see anything like him again.

Like a lot of other NBA stars, Shaquille O’Neal had a rough upbringing. After his parents divorced, at a very early age, his father didn’t feature in his life. His mother remarried soon after to an Army officer named Phillip. Shaq has always considered Phillip to be his real father. He was also the one who helped the young Shaquille develop a love for basketball. Shaq was a dominant high school player. During his final two years in high school, his team only lost one game and won the state championship. A highly recruited prospect, he could pick the college team he would attend. In the end, he decided to play for LSU because his father Philip and LSU coach were close friends.

As of 2021, we estimate Shaquille O’Neal has a net worth of $420 million dollars.

How did Shaquille O’Neal get so rich?

As anywhere else in his career, Shaq was also unstoppable at LSU. For the three seasons that he spent there, he was the most dominant player in college basketball. He finished his college career averaging 22 points and 14 rebounds as well as 4.5 blocks. He was named the best player in college basketball by AP and UPI. He was also a two time SEC player of the year and two time All-American. He was inducted into the LSU hall of fame. The college has erected a statue of Shaquille O’Neal, made out of bronze and weighing 900 pounds.

Entering the 1992 NBA draft, Shaq was the number one pick at almost every mock draft. The Orlando Magic’s selected him as the first pick at that draft. When he stopped in college he continued in the NBA. He was the Rookie of the Year, the first rookie to be selected to an All-Star game since Michael Jordan. He averaged a stunning 23 and 14, with 3.5 blocks in his first year in the NBA.

In his second year, he had a new coach and a new teammate as the Magic team drafted Penny Hardaway in the 1993 draft. Shaq and Penny were supposed to be the foundation on which the Magic would build their title-contending team, but destiny went the other way. During their first season together, they turned the Magic into a playoff team, but they were eliminated by the Indiana Pacers in five games. In Shaq’s third year in the league, the Magic made the NBA finals. Shaq was also scoring close to 30 points per game and leading the league in scoring. But the Finals didn’t bring them the championship. Houston swept them 4 to 0.

In his fourth year with the team, O’Neal had injury issues but still managed to average 26 and 11. His team went to the Eastern Conference Finals, but, like every other time of that era, failed to get passed Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. That was the last season Shaq spent with the Magic. In his fifth year, due to feeling that the whole state of Florida was against him, he decided to take his talents to the West Coast and he signed for the Los Angeles Lakers. He would spend 8 seasons with the Lakers and win three titles. He and the now late Kobe Bryant would form an unstoppable duo which would terrorize the opposition. They were also headed by one of the greatest coaches the NBA has ever had, Phil Jackson.

Due to some issues with the management, and the Lakers not being willing to pay him the salary Shaquille O’Neal felt he deserved, he decided to move to Miami. He spent 4 years in the jersey of the Miami Heat and helped them win one title. He spent the last four seasons of his career in Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston.

Apart from basketball, Shaquille O’Neal is known as a TV analyst and commentator, as well as an actor, musician, DJ, investor. His current estimated net worth is around $420 million dollars, he earned over $700 million in the league and since his retirement in 2011, still earns $60 million annually from his various endorsements.

What makes him so successful?

Shaquille O’Neal was blessed with incredible genetics which made him an unstoppable NBA player. He had the speed of a wing or guard, as well as the agility. But he was also 7 foot 2 with an incredible mass of 300 pounds of raw muscle. The ferocious power of his dunks and block are well documented, as well as the number of backboards he has smashed. All that has made him the NBA great that he was. There were playoff series where he averaged more than five assists per game.

But Shaq’s success also comes from his fearlessness to try new things. And he has the determination to try even if nine out of ten of his previous projects fail. The majority of his films were panned by both critics and the fans, none of them making a lot of money at the box office. But he is a successful and one of the most entertaining TV personalities that we currently have, all thanks to his wit and charm.

We calculate Shaq is worth $420 million dollars in 2020.


Shaquille O’Neal was born in Newark, New Jersey but raised all over the country. O’Neal spent time at Army bases in Georgia, West Germany, and Texas. As a senior in high school O’Neal averaged over 32 points and 22 rebounds per game on his way to an undefeated season and a Texas State Championship.

O’Neal at LSU

O’Neal attended Louisiana State University and as a freshman began breaking records. O’Neal recorded 115 blocked shots his freshman year which was the most ever by an SEC player in one season, he would break his own record the next two seasons. He finished his time at LSU with school records in total blocked shots and career blocks per game. O’Neal is just the fourth player in LSU history to have his number retired.

Orlando Magic

O’neal was selected by the Orlando Magic as the #1 overall draft pick in the 1992 draft. In Orlando his impact was felt early–O’neal won the Rookie of the Year Award while helping the Magic improve their record by more than twenty games. By the the 1995 postseason the Magic were in their first ever NBA Finals Series but they were swept by the Rockets.

Shaq as an LA Laker

After four seasons in Orlando O’Neal left for the hollywood hills and joined the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers were a good team for three years with the addition of O’Neal and budding superstar Kobe Bryant but they were not a great team until head coach Phil Jackson was added to the mix. O’Neal and the Lakers won the NBA title during Jackson’s first year on the job, O’Neal also became the 3rd player ever to win the Regular Season, All Star Game and NBA Finals MVP all in the same season. O’Neal led the Lakers to NBA titles in each of the next two seasons and was named the NBA Finals MVP both times. O’Neal and Michael Jordan were the only two players to win three consecutive NBA Finals MVP’s.

Shaq and the Miami Heat

Following the 2004 season O’Neal was traded to the Miami Heat and in 2006 he helped Dwyane Wade lead the Heat to it’s first NBA Championship. O’Neal spent the last 5 years of his career moving from team to team. Before his retirement in 2011 O’Neal played for the Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics.


From a boy from a broken home, alone with his struggling parents, moving from army base to army base, to a basketball great, the life of Shaquille O’Neal has had many ups and downs, especially during the last few years when many of the people who were close to him died. But Shaq still pushes through, or marauds through, like during his NBA days, alternating us with every TV appearance. Those who look from afar will think that he is only a success due to the greatness of his body, but they will fail to see the greatness of his person, his love of life and the people around him.

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