Shane Long Net Worth

How much is Shane Long worth?

Net Worth:$3.3 Million
Profession:Professional Footballer
Date of Birth:January 22, 1987
1.8 m

Who Is Shane Long

Shane Long was born on January 22th, 1987, in Gortnahoe, Ireland. He used to play hurling and Gaelic football. In July 2004, he gained a scholarship and joined the Cork City Football Club. In June 2005, he was signed as a player for Reading.

Shane Long’s current net worth is about 3 million euros ($3.3 million dollars) as of 2021.

How did Shane Long get rich?

Professional football player Shane Long is best known as a striker for Southampton Football Club, as well as for the Republic of Ireland national team. This is how Shane has built his formidable net worth.

At the Reading Football Club, Long achieved many successes before he moved to West Bromwich Albion in August 2011, signing an estimated at £6.5 million contract. In 2014, he signed for Hull City and two years later, he signed to Southampton. In July 2016, Long signed a new contract with the club and he will stay there until 2020. During his international career, Long has scored a number of goals, including his latest in October 2016 during the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification.

Long married his long-term girlfriend Kayleah Adams in June 2013. The couple has three children together, daughters Teigan and Erin and son Jax.

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