Selena Gomez Net Worth

How much is Selena Gomez worth?

Net Worth:$75 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:July 22, 1992
Country:United States of America
1.65 m

This Disney darling first cast spells on Wizards of Waverly Place before casting spells on a wider range of fans with her singles ‘Naturally’ and ‘A Year Without Rain.’

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Who Is Selena Gomez

This button-nosed Disney darling went from purple dinosaur days to the girl with the magic wand on Waverly Place. From her string of heartthrob beaus to her budding music career, Selena Gomez has “next big thing” written all over her.

Selena Gomez is now a famous American singer and songwriter, as well as actress, and television producer. She was born in Grand Prairie, Texas, in 1992. She was raised by her teenage mother and entered the entertainment world from a young age.

Considered one of the most important youth icons in the entire world, and especially in the United States, Gomez became a successful singer in her teens.

Selena’s mother, who was an actress, engrained in her a desire to do the same. In 2001, when she was only nine, Selena landed her first professional acting gig alongside a big purple dinosaur and soon-to-be BFF and fellow Disney sensation Demi Lovato. Selena was a regular on Barney & Friends for two years before getting a shot at the silver screen when she scored a small role in the children’s action flick Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over in 2003 and in Walker Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire two years later.  

As of 2021, Selena Gomez has an estimated net worth of over $75 million dollars.

I Love You, You Love Me

But in 2006 Selena landed a role with the network that would make her a household name. She started her Disney career with a guest role on The Suite Life of Zach and Cody before landing a recurring role on Hannah Montana starring fellow Disney queen-turned-singer Miley Cyrus. Disney Channel execs saw a spark in the half Mexican, half Italian beauty and decided to give her her own show with a magical twist—she would star in Wizards of Waverly Place (2007) as young wizard-in-training Alex Russo.  

Selena cemented her place in tween stardom when she appeared in Disney’s Princess Protection Program (2009) and Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie (2009). Like many of its other stars, Disney also promoted Selena’s pop star potential and she recorded songs for Tinker Bell, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie as well as a tune for the DisneyMania 6 album.  

The Beau Trifecta

But not everything was work, work, work for the budding teen sensation. Selena began dating heartthrob Nick Jonas in 2008 and even appeared in the Joe Bros’ music video for ‘Burnin’ Up.’ But things didn’t last and in 2009 Selena moved on to another dark-haired cutie, Taylor Lautner. Although things with Taylor didn’t stay serious for long, Selena did get serious about her music. In 2009 she formed a band, Selena & The Scene and debuted hit singles like ‘Naturally,’ which went platinum, before releasing her second album, A Year Without Rain, in September of 2010.  

While she’s still a permanent resident of Waverly Place, Selena found time to expand her acting footprint with more film roles like 2011’s Monte Carlo alongside Leighton Meester and Cory Monteith. But work aside, for now Selena’s enjoying some snuggling time with singing phenomenon Justin Bieber—a pairing that had made Selena the target of numerous death threats from lovelorn fans. It looked for a while like Selena was going to be Justin’s ‘”baby, baby, baby, oooh…” However the couple shortly after separated.

What makes her so successful?

This incredible artist captivated a large young audience thanks to her different performances from a young age, with her music, fashion roles in movies.

  • She has adapted very well to each stage of her career and she is determined to advance and improve. Selena knows what she wants and her ambitions have never seemed impossible to achieve.
  • She is a star who reinvents herself in the industry, multifaceted, and everything she did and does has prospered. Her projects have brought her a fortune probably far beyond anything she ever dreamed.
  • She stands out for her passionate attitude in everything she does. Committing to her projects and getting things done.
  • She is an incomparable artist given her youth and ability, who not only stayed with singing and acting yet branched out. She decided to have her own brand, support social realities that affect youth such as “Bullying”, collaborate with brands, be the voice of various animated characters, and on top, she was the youngest UNICEF ambassador in 2019.

Selena confesses that her passion for acting was inherited from her mother. She worked three jobs and also performed as an actress in an old theater, in fact, Selena learned a lot about the industry and profession from being introduced to it from an early age. Her mother gave birth to Selena when she was just 16 years old, and by the time Selena was just five years old, her parents decided to separate.

Her tough upbringing set the seed in her for incredible motivation to achieve. She has achieved each of her goals which has led her to become one of the most famous and successful millennials of this generation.

How did Selena Gomez get so rich?

Selena and her crew really knew how to innovate in show business. She was not satisfied with only her leading roles, albums, and series in which she participated; but the decision to undertake as a businesswoman. Selena’s success allowed her to create her own clothing brand and becomes a fashion designer, which later on would create a fashion line called “Dream Out Loud”.

Selena’s fortune has grown to exceed $75 million dollars, thanks to her television appearances, concerts, and performances.

She is currently the second most followed person in the world on Instagram, which makes her fame very profitable; because investors pay up to more than $800,000 dollars for each post on the site. The way it works is that advertisers want to reach her audience and so they offer to pay her, and other celebrities, endorsement deals to endorse they products. While in the past sponsoring was complex and involved many hops to jump through for the audience, now they can literally snap a photo or shoot a video on their iPhone, upload, and get paid.

This means that Selena not only keeps a fortune in the bank, she is constantly increasing her following allowing her to profit for years to come. Selena, among many celebrities of our time, have found a new way to profit now online thanks to the products, created with her brand or as an endorsement, which are sold almost easily through her stellar image.

In addition to her own commercial endeavors, she is sponsored by the sports brand “Puma” and has had countless collaborations with other brands as well.

This artist’s versatility brought her to Netflix, becoming the executive producer of one of the most popular and controversial series, “13 Reasons Why”.

This is another of her ambitious projects that increased the artist profits. What’s more, she showed her sensitivity to “Bullying” issues, since in fact, she had experienced it herself in two different schools.

Why is she so famous?

She started acting when she was just 7 years old, thanks to a supporting role in a famous children’s series called “Barney and Friends.”

Then, she began to be bullied by classmates at her school, so she had to make the decision to study from home. This allowed her to focus much more on her career.

Selena began to participate in different important television programs, however, she felt that she had to do something more to succeed in show business and for this reason, she began to produce videos for her own YouTube channel.

After this, Disney decided to give her her own program which quickly led Selena to grow her fame thanks to her talent in acting and singing.

The Disney series “Wizards of Waverly Place” stars Selena and this was her real leap to fame, between 2007 and 2012. She not only acted on the show but also sang the main theme, and this participation began to brand her stardom.

Also, in 2008 Selena started a singing career and signed a contract with the record company “Hollywood Records”, forming a band composed by Selena Gomez and The Scene. With them, she released three albums and the main one sold more than 66,000 copies in the first week.

She also did quite well with movies, in “Ramona and Beezus” and later in “Monte Carlo”. Selena really stands out for marveling the public with different ideas that she knew how to combine really well.


The life of this artist pointed to fame since she was just a child. Thanks to the influence of her mother, she was able to find inspiration from the world of acting to realize at just 7 years old, that she wanted to be part of the world of entertainment.

Selena enjoyed the roles she had as a child on television, but soon her desire to be successful in this industry prompted her to search until she got a great opportunity at Disney. After this, there was no project that was too big for Selena.

She was successful in reinventing herself and fulfilling her role as singer and songwriter, having successful albums, and also showing her music to the world as a soloist.

She became one of the two most-followed people on Instagram and that alone has allowed her to increase her earnings just by uploading a promotional images and content. This new model has opened the doors to improve her successful brand, earn money from products and endorsements, while reaching millions of people on a daily basis.

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