Sam Smith Net Worth

How much is Sam Smith worth?

Net Worth:$40 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:May 19, 1992
Country:United Kingdom
1.88 m

Who Is Sam Smith

Sam Smith is a Golden Globe, Grammy, and Academy Award winning singer who is most known for writing and performing “Writing’s On The Wall”, the theme tune from James Bond’s 24th outing, Spectre. The singer is a featured guest aficionado as he is known more for his songs that aren’t his own, such as the two breakthrough hits, “Latch” by Disclosure and “La La La” by Naughty Boy. Smith has gone on to record with some of the most popular and successful artists working today, including Demi Lovato and Burna Boy.

As of 2021, Sam Smith has a net worth of $40 million dollars.

How Did Sam Smith Get So Rich?

It is reported that the singer made one million dollars from just one single, “Money on my Mind”, and considering he’s had many more singles that have performed better since then, the title of the song seems pretty appropriate.

Though Smith hasn’t released an album in three years, there are certain factors that continue the album sales of his previous releases each year. Upon winning numerous Grammys, Oscars, and Golden Globes, sales for his music increased as people were only just finding out about him through these awards ceremonies. And when the singer released a re-issue of his debut album, it had much more bonus material than any other re-release ordinarily has, with 12 extra tracks, which is enough material for a completely separate album. Because of this, there was a second wave of sales for the record.

Smith has also become somewhat of an instagram influencer in the years after his transformation and weight loss, as he promotes fashion brands and often models for them. The singer currently has over 15 million followers on instagram, over eight million followers on Twitter, and it is reported that Smith is making an average of $25,000 per Instagram post.

Why Is He So Famous?

It was his work with dance pop duo Disclosure that first got Smith major recognition. As Disclosure have mass appeal due to making dance music with a pop structure, their song “Latch”, which featured prominent vocals from Smith, became an instant success on the charts and a club hit. In the early 2010s, “Latch” was played everywhere in the UK, and at one point it seemed like there was always a radio station playing it. Though the song was a sleeper hit in the US, two years after the song’s release it surprisingly charted at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100.

With a successful feature on a popular summer anthem under his belt, album deals were getting thrown at the singer from every direction, and he eventually signed to Capitol Records. With the label, he has put out two massively successful albums, In The Lonely Hour and The Thrill Of It All, both of which performed highly, charting at number two and number one on the Billboard 200 respectively. The singer continued to do what he does best, feature on other musicians’ and producers’ albums, and it has never been as successful as when he featured on Calvin Harris’ song, “Promises”.

After several successful features on pop and dance songs, Smith scored a job that most singers would kill for, to sing and produce a James Bond song. The singer reportedly wrote “Writing’s On The Wall”, the theme tune to Spectre, within a day, and it was the demo that was even used for the final version. Though the movie received average reviews and got a tepid response from audiences, the song proved to be one of the best in the series and Smith even went on to win the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Song. The tracks success was a surprise to the singer, as the recording proved testing because there was a lot of weight on Smith’s shoulders after the previous James Bond theme tune, which was Adele’s multiple award winning “Skyfall”, was praised as the best James Bond theme of all time.

What Makes Sam So Successful?

Though his quiff and impressive weight loss might make him look like a pop star, it’s his vocal chords that got him to where he is. There are very few other male performers who have the high pitch that Smith can pull off so well. All the highest charting male performers such as Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, and Shawn Mendes are all great in their own ways, but none of them could even come close to the high notes that Smith could sing in his sleep. And in that sense, the singer has cornered the market, being the only male pop singer that has that perfect angelic falsetto voice.

The singer knows what he is good at, as though he has his own singles that are all popular and two commercially successful albums, Smith started out as a sought after featured artist. The singer continues to feature on other artists’ work all year round, as he has featured on Demi Lovato’s “I’m Ready”, Calvin Harris’ “Promises”, and on Naughty Boy’s “La La La”, which peaked at number one on the UK singles chart.

Though nothing should be taken away from Smith’s immense talent, which is one in a million, a massive reason behind the singer’s success is the work that was put in by his mother. His mother was a city bond dealer who was fired from a job that had a $250,000 annual salary because she was promoting her son instead of working. His mother allegedly spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on vocal coaches and studio sessions to help Sam Smith get to where he is today. Though she lost her job trying to promote her son, she might be better suited to PR than banking, as Smith is now at the height of his powers and massively in demand by dozens of producers.


With an angelic voice that is unrivalled in the music industry today, Smith has been able to force his way in to the industry and has become a necessity for many produces, being the go to falsetto-guy in their Rolodexes. Because of this, Sam Smith has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars. That amount is no doubt going to spike in the coming months as the singer is currently preparing to release his third album, which is tentatively titled To Die For.

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