How much is Ryan Shaw worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:December 25, 1980
Country:United States of America
1.8 m

“Most music today births self-hatred. They make you believe if you don’t have the cars, the girls, and the bling, then you’re nothing. But nobody is talking about what to do when you’re hurting, or you find somebody who really loves you for you.” — Ryan Shaw

Who Is Ryan Shaw

Ryan Shaw grew up in Decatur, Georgia as part of a deeply religious Pentecostal family and n one in the family was allowed to listen to secular music at all. Religious music was encouraged however, and by the time he was 5, Ryan began singing in church. He later formed a spiritual music group called The Shaw Boys with his four brothers. The group fizzled out, but Ryan kept honing his craft as a vocalist. He eventually went on to attend Georgia State University. At one point won a role in the Gospel musical “A Good Man is Hard to Fine (Part II).” In 1988, he dropped out of college in order to join the cast of “I Know I’ve Been Changed,” which became the first successful play by Tyler Perry.

American soul musician Ryan Shaw has a net worth of $5 million dollars, as of 2020. Grammy nominated singer part of the soul-revival movement in the music industry.

Music Career

After “I Know I’ve Been Changed” ended it’s run at New York City’s Beacon Theater, Ryan joined a retro-Soul act for awhile and performed 1950s and ’60s music live, starting in 2004. In 2006, his demo as a solo artist wound up in the hands of Columbia Records, and he was eventually signed to a recording and distribution deal. His debut album, This is Ryan Shaw, was released in April, 2007. The album was not a commercial hit in the U.S., but one song from it, “I Am Your Man,” did earn him a 2008 Grammy nomination for Best Traditional R&B; Vocal Performance. Ryan’s second album, Real Love, was released in May 2012 via Dynotone Records; a song from the album, “In Between,” was nominated for a Grammy in 2011, also in the Best Traditional R&B; Vocal Performance category.

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Vocal Style

Ryan Shaw’s rich and soulful vocal style is often compared to artists of previous generations. Over the years, he’s been likened to the Marvin Gaye, Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding, among others. Although he seemingly mimicked Soul singers of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s earlier in his career, his style became more distinctive, but no less soulful, between his 2007 debut album and 2012’s follow-up release.

“This Is Ryan Shaw”

It’s pretty funny that this album’s called This Is Ryan Shaw, because there’s absolutely no way to know who Ryan Shaw truly is by listening to the album. Instead, the 12 songs sound like imitations of vocal performances by Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and other legendary R&B; and Soul singers. The 26-year-old Shaw does such a good job of impersonating them (and other singers), that you’re left with absolutely no idea of who Shaw really is, unless all he is is a guy who has a strong knack for mimicking long-dead music legends.

No Future in the Past

There’s no doubt that Ryan Shaw can sing. As a multiple-time winner on Amateur Night at the Apollo, he proved more than once that he’s talented. But the raw vocal talent he possesses is stuck in a time warp; each and every song on his debut album harkens not only back to 1960s R&B;, but even further, to 1950s doo-wop.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: plenty of artists, from Joss Stone to Angie Stone, have made a living bring that old school sound back. The difference is, they dusted the old school sound off, freshened it up, modernized it a tad and then unleashed it on the world.

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Shaw, however, seems content to not reinvent the wheel. Or even remake the same wheel. He’s too busy paying homage through his songs, which are straight-up ’50s and ’60s era tracks featuring him singing at the top of his lungs. The album’s opening (and perhaps best) track, “Do the 45,” is a perfect example. It takes the beat from Junior Walker’s classic song “Shotgun” and cleverly incorporates it into a song about – depending on your perspective – a dance or a pistol.

Shaw does a great job mimicking a bygone era, but the drawback is there’s not enough here that sounds fresh or new. The album might as well be an oldies cover song compilation. And in fact, nine of the album’s 12 songs were all originally recorded in the 1970s or earlier. As the saying goes, if you live in the past, you’ll die in the past. And for Ryan Shaw, there’s no future in music history.

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