Rupert Murdoch Net Worth

How much is Rupert Murdoch worth?

Net Worth:$18 Billion
Profession:Media Mogul
Date of Birth:March 11, 1931
Country:Australia-born American
1.78 m

About Rupert Murdoch

An American media tycoon of Australian descent, Keith Rupert Murdoch was born on March 11, 1931, and his estimated net worth is $18 billion. Through his many businesses, Murdoch owns hundreds of regional, national, and worldwide publishing houses. In the US, this includes The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. In the UK, The Sun and The Times. In Australia, there is Fox News and Sky News. In addition, Rupert Murdoch was the owner of 21st Century Fox (until 2019), Sky (until 2018), and the now-defunct News of the World.

Australian-born American media mogul Rupert Murdoch has an estimated net worth of $18 billion dollars, as of 2023. Murdoch’s News Corporation already owned over 800 companies in more than 50 countries, with an estimated net worth of over $5 billion, by 2000.

Rupert Murdoch and Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, joined forces in August 2012 to campaign for immigration reform. They exhorted the presidential contenders to discuss the matter during the election.

Murdoch pleaded on Congress to have the guts to change the system and issue more visas to gifted and educated immigrants in order to boost the American economy. And he added that the 11 million illegal immigrants in the nation ought to have a chance at obtaining legal status.

Give them a route to citizenship, demanded Murdoch. They’ll pay their taxes. They are diligent individuals. I am unsure about Mitt Romney‘s reasoning because they are Republicans by nature.

An American Citizen Out of Necessity

In a 15-minute ceremony in New York in September 1985, publishing tycoon Rupert Murdoch and about 200 other immigrants became citizens of the United States.

Murdoch was forced to take the oath. He aspired to dominate American broadcasting, but the Federal Communications Commission and American law prohibit foreigners from owning significant shares in American networks.

Murdoch’s typically stern response when asked why he became an American citizen was, “Because I wanted to.”

Childhood in Australia

On March 11, 1931, Keith Rupert Murdoch was born in Melbourne, Australia. He is the lone child of famed war correspondent Sir Keith Murdoch and well-known philanthropist Elisabeth Greene, both of whom were born in Melbourne. His ancestors came from England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Murdoch’s father’s work as a reporter and then as a publisher of local newspapers had an impact on his early decision to pursue journalism. Young Rupert started his professional career by editing the newspaper at his grammar school.

Rupert Murdoch came to Australia from Oxford University in England when he was 21 and took over the family business. At that time, Murdoch’s father had passed away. He revived failing newspapers in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, and New Zealand and made them profitable. It is generally acknowledged that he modernized the tabloid format. In 1965, he founded The Australian, Australia’s first national daily newspaper.

the expansion of the publishing empire

Murdoch relocated to London in 1968 and quickly entered the Fleet Street publishing industry by acquiring the well-known Sunday tabloid The News of the World. Later on, he purchased

The Sun and both newspapers saw a boost in readership by regularly providing readers with news on sex, crime, sports, and other frequently sensational topics.

Murdoch was on the right track to being one of the richest men in the world by 1973. When he acquired the San Antonio News in Texas, he expanded his empire into the United States. In 1976, he acquired the New York Post and launched the national tabloid The Star, which soon started to compete with the National Enquirer.

Murdoch’s News Corp. expanded into entertainment and television in the 1980s. He bought Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. in 1985 and wrapped in a number of television stations to create Fox, Inc., which has grown into a significant broadcasting organization. Later on, he bought the Wall Street Journal.

Murdoch made investments in the Los Angeles Lakers basketball franchise, the Los Angeles Kings hockey team, and the LA Staple Center.

For Conservative Politics, a Loud Voice

It is commonly known that Murdoch favors conservative politics. Millions of dollars have been donated by him to the Republican Governors Association, the Republican Party, and a number of conservative political movements, including the Tea Party.

His newspapers and TV channels have come under fire from media critics, readers, and viewers for taking an unabashedly conservative stance on almost all matters, including what to do about illegal immigration. Fox was a vocal supporter of George W. Bush’s presidency and had been a steadfast critic of President Obama’s government.

Scandal Rocks the Empire

The voicemails of politicians and celebrities had been intercepted by numerous News of the World journalists, according to a rival London magazine, The Guardian, which also claimed that senior staff were aware of the infringement.

Leading News of the World executives involved in the affair were fired as a result of the explosive chain of events that started with the disclosure. Murdoch made the remarkable decision to shut down News of the World in July 2011, ending its 168-year run in operation.

However, the scandal just got worse. Murdoch was asked to testify before a British parliamentary committee, at least 20 of the company’s newspaper executives were detained, and James Murdoch was required to quit from his roles with News Corp.’s British businesses. Murdoch had backed Prime Minister David Cameron, who had pledged to launch a vigorous investigation into the business’s unethical and illegal practices.

Murdoch started The Sun on Sunday to replace the News and gave Lachlan, another son, control of the business. More over 3 million copies of the first edition were sold, demonstrating the success of Murdoch’s strategy for winning over British readers.

Personal and Family Life

Murdoch has had three marriages. He married Anna Torv in 1967, and she is the mother of his sons who work for the company. He married Wendi Deng the same year they got divorced, which was 1999.

Deng, an American businesswoman of Chinese descent who was born on December 8, 1968, holds a master’s degree in management from Yale School of Management. They crossed paths in Hong Kong. 2013 saw their divorce. Then, in 2016, Rupert Murdoch wed Jerry Hall, an American actress and model.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, according to Hollywood Reporter, Murdoch and his wife Jerry Hall had been isolating in their Binfield Heath home for much of the year. As of 2023, Rupert Murdoch’s net worth is estimated to be $18 billion.

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