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It was the TUF 10 title fight, one that Nelson had to defeat the now infamous Kimbo Slice (Kevin Ferguson) just to get to. Many believed that Nelson, a known high level grappler, would have to get his opponent, Brendan Schaub, to the ground in order to win. Along with this, very early in the fight Schaub connected with a nice flurry, compelling Nelson to take him

down. When Schaub got right back up, many believed that signified something positive for Nelson’s adversary.

They were wrong.

Moments later, Nelson connected with a huge right hand that left Schaub out cold at 3:45 of round one. Afterwards, Nelson rubbed his rather pronounced belly on the top of the cage wall. And who’s to forget the fact that the announcer proclaimed him a kung fu fighter prior to the contest.

Yep, “Big Country” is a different kind of MMA fighter. Here is his story.

American mixed martial artist Roy “Big Country” Nelson has a net worth of $600 thousand dollars, as of 2021. Nelson competes in the Heavyweight division.
  • Date of Birth: Roy Nelson was born on June 20, 1976 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Training Camp, Fighting Organization, and Nickname: Nelson trains at the ‘Country Club’ which is his home, as well as Kings MMA. He fights for the UFC, and his nickname is “Big Country”.

Martial Arts Background

In addition to being a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Renzo Gracie (2009), Nelson has also practiced Shaolin Kung Fu for an extended period of time. Here’s what he had to say to on the unusual subject (for an MMA fighter, that is).

“The Lohan school of Shaolin, I actually got started in my Sifu’s garage,” said Nelson. “I think I was 15 1/2, 16. Kung-fu is the root for I would say 95% of all martial arts. I practice it every day.”

“(With Sticky Hands) basically you’re just working with their body movement, where you’re feeling their energy, and just trying to manipulate that to your advantage.”

“Working on the wooden dummy you can work on some striking, and you can also work grappling, like grabbing the leg, pushing the hips away.”

MMA Beginnings and IFL Championship

Nelson had his first professional MMA fight on April 17, 2004 at a Rage on the River event. He defeated Bo Cantrell by third round submission (hammerlock). In fact, he won his first six fights before dropping a decision to Josh Curran at a BodogFight event. Eventually, Nelson began fighting for the now defunct IFL, where he won their heavyweight grand prix and belt. He defended the belt twice before the promotion fell.

UFC Beginnings

Nelson participated on The Ultimate Fighter 10 reality television show, defeating Kimbo Slice, Justin Wren, and Brendan Schaub to win a six figure contract with the UFC. In his first fight after the show, he defeated Stefan Struve by way of first round KO.

Fighting Style

Nelson has strong wrestling and submissions. He’s a nightmare when he is on top of you on the canvas. That said, Nelson’s game has changed. In the past, he was much more of a grappler. Now he really prefers the striking game, utilizing mostly boxing and an extremely strong overhand right to fell opponents. Big Country also has one of the best jaws in the world. Thus, he can take a lot of punishment as he looks for that fight ending blow.

Some of Roy Nelson’s Greatest Victories:

  • Nelson defeats Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic by third round TKO at UFC 137: The first round of this fight, after a Nelson takedown led to Cro Cop coming back to his feet, was quite close, with both fighters landing hard strikes. Round two saw Nelson weather a big time striking storm from the former PRIDE fighter. But in the end, Nelson was able to capitalize on a third round slip to end Cro Cop’s day on the ground with punches. Anytime you defeat a legend like Filipovic, it makes your top wins list.
  • Nelson defeats Stefan Struve by first round KO at UFC Fight Night: Florian vs. Gomi: One huge right hand and it was all over. If you were thinking that Nelson didn’t really have that kind of power on his feet, that his win over Schaub was a fluke, this fight proved you wrong.
  • Nelson defeats Brendan Schaub by first round KO at the TUF 10 Finale: The specifics were noted at the beginning of this profile. With the win, Nelson became the TUF 10 champion.
  • Nelson defeats Antoine Jaoude by second round KO to win the IFL Heavyweight World Grand Prix Finals: With this win, Nelson became a champion. That deserves mention.

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