How much is Roger Stone worth?

Net Worth:$50 Thousand
Profession:Professional Political Consultant
Date of Birth:August 27, 1952
Country:United States of America
1.8 m

Who Is Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a conservative political consultant, lobbyist, and he just recently became a convicted felon, but he is most famous for being Donald Trump’s right hand man and being a significant player in helping the businessman become the President of the United States of America. He has worked as a paid consultant to many presidential candidates for over the decades, including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush. The right-wing consultant has been the subject of a Netflix original documentary and was recently sentenced to 40 months in prison after being found guilty of witness tampering, lying to investigators, and five other counts.

American conservative political consultant and lobbyist Roger Stone has a net worth of $50 thousand dollars, as of 2020. Stone’s legal problems have obliterated his net worth. He was recently convicted on seven felony counts, including witness tampering and lying to investigators.

How did Roger Stone earn his net worth?

Though his pay for being Trump’s campaign advisor in 2016 was never disclosed, Stone had earned around $5 million in his career by that point. That isn’t all solely from his political career, as the lobbyist has written several books that have sold insanely well. His best selling book of them all was 2013’s The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, which became a New York Times Bestseller. On top of that, Stone runs a website called Stone Cold Truth, and it sells merchandise relating to the political consultant, including posters, T-shirts, and strangely enough, signed rocks.

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However, after a career built on lies and being convicted for several years, there isn’t going to be much left after mounting legal fees, as it is reported that Stone was paying close to $10,000 per month in legal fees in 2019. He lost so much money that he even attempted to raise $2 million to cover his defence through crowdfunding, and though it unsurprisingly proved to be a failure, he still managed to raise $100,000. Surely enough, Stone lost almost every dime he had and he was even forced to sell his luxury home in Fort Lauderdale (which can be seen in Get Me Roger Stone), leaving his family with just $50,000.

Why is he so famous?

Stone has been a prominent figure in politics since the 70s and even pulling strings from the young age of 19, but it was in the 1980s when Stone became prolific and a big earner in the game of lobbying. In the 1980s, he co-founded Black, Manafort, and Stone with Paul Manafort and Charles R. Black Jr. The company became the biggest lobbying firm in the US as it used it’s high profile White House connections that they regularly networked with to bring in high paying clients, many of which included U.S. corporations and even foreign governments. The firm’s success continued in to the 1990s.

Stone’s profile grew exponentially in Trump’s campaign to become president in 2016, as he told a mass amount of lies, with many of them bordering on conspiracy theories, but many of them were unable to be disproven. Stone told so many lies that not even he could keep up with them. After reports came in of Trump being sexist and misogynistic, it was Stone’s idea to go on the attack and accuse Bill Clinton of rape and Hilary Clinton of abusing the victims. His lies ultimately aided Trump’s entry in to the White House, but it was something that Stone wanted for a long time, as it was him who initially put the idea of becoming president in Trump’s head as far back as 1998.

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In 2017, Stone’s infamy became a self fulfilling prophecy when the Netflix original, Get Me Roger Stone, was released. Stone has never cared about what people think about him, as he knows the people think he is evil, and he has even gone on to say that if people liked him, then he would be bad at his job. He gets his thrills from being hated so much that he was happy for liberals to document him, knowing that he would be painted in a bad light. In the documentary, Stone revealed his adoration of Alex Jones and a giant tattoo of Nixon’s face on his back.

Some of Stone’s other controversies include a scandal in the 90s in which he allegedly put out an advertisement for a “well hung” man to join him and his wife in a threesome, though the lobbyist denies these allegations. In 2018, Stone used the Proud Boys, which is a right-wing clan that encourages street violence, as security for several events and was seen drinking with many of them afterwards. Most recently, Stone has been put in jail for 40 months after he was found guilty on seven counts of false statements. This came after Stone was so sure he was untouchable and spent an entire career lambasting politicians with falsehoods.

What makes him so successful?

Stone has been close to Republican candidates thanks to the way he commands the room and attacks his opponents. Most of Trump’s on stage persona seen today is based on what he learnt from Stone, with the way he refuses to answer questions, denies any allegation thrown at him, and quickly blames other people for the same thing. Stone has been described by his peers as a dirty trickster and a renowned fighter, and the political fixer takes pride in being called such things.

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A lot of Stone’s success also comes from his flamboyant personality and his strange attitude. Politicians are attracted to him due to his strange appearance, which includes a diamond pinkie ring in the shape of a horseshoe, English tailoring, and his loyalty of Richard Nixon, which borders on fanboy-ish. His office that he had in Florida was known as the “Hall of Nixonia” due to all of the framed pictures, posters, and even fan art of the former president. Stone has a charisma that journalists literally fear, as they are scared that if they get too close to him, they will be lured in and tricked.


Stone might have spent more than two decades building a lobbying empire, as he networked with some of the most powerful people in the world, but the empire only took minutes to fall. In the peak of his career, Roger Stone had an estimated net worth of somewhere between $5-$10 million, but it stands at just $50,000 today. Now, Stone is carrying out a three year sentence in jail due to the life ruining lies he has told throughout his career and when he’s released, it unlikely that anyone will ever give him the time of day, except for Alex Jones.

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