Rita Ora Net Worth

Although some pages estimate Rita Ora’s net worth as low as $2 million, the real wealth of English singer is much higher. She revealed in the recent interview, that her net worth as of 2021 is approximately $145 million. This huge sum comes from several sources, not just royalties for her music. She’s also into investing!

How Did Rita Ora Get So Rich?

Rita was born in Kosovo but her family moved to Great Britain. She started with public singing in her father’s pub. Her first solo album was released in 2012. Her various endorsement deals and smart investments make a huge portions of her income as well. She once said that her father and his friends are helping her in investing and managing her assets. Well, they must be doing great job since her net worth is still growing with incredible speed.

She dated Bruno Mars and Calvin Harris. With all this money, you would expect Ora to own some royal style mansion on English countryside, possibly with personal butler and driver. But the fact is that Ora revealed in 2014, that she’s currently without own home. She was kicked out of her London apartment for making loud noise. Now she lives in her sister’s house. Well, we guess that means she knows how to party. But it’s another reason why huge house in secluded location would make a sense for her.

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