Riff Raff Net Worth

How much is Riff Raff worth?

Net Worth:$7 Million
Profession:Professional Rapper
Date of Birth:January 29, 1982
Country:United States of America
1.88 m

Who Is Riff Raff

Raiff Raff is the professional name of Horst Christian Simco, an American rapper from Houston, Texas. He was born in 1982, and during his early life moved several times. His family lived in Copperfield, Texas for a time, then moved to Stone Creek nearby.

Later, with his father ill with cancer, the family moved to Duluth, Minnesota. Horst attended the Hibbing Community College in Hibbing, Minnesota where he was an enthusiastic basketball player. He did not enjoy his time at the college, and left to return to Houston, where he did several menial jobs while developing his rapping career and building his new identity as Riff Raff.

Riff Raff has a net worth of $7 million dollars, as of 2021.

How Did Riff Raff Get So Rich?

Riff Raff is estimated to be worth $7 million at present. His income comes almost entirely from his music and his social media presence.

He has a $2 million home in Las Vegas, and owns hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

Why is he so famous?

Riff Raff began his rapping career in 2005, making homemade CDs. He would hand these out at various shopping malls around the Houston area. He used Myspace, YouTube and WorldStartHipHop on social media to showcase his songs, videos, and humorous sketches. He is a natural comedian and this talent has served him well in his career.

Riff Raff’s first manager was DB da Boss who helped him to make more polished videos and CDs. As a result of the influence that other Houston rappers had on him, Riff Raff began to braid his hair and wear conspicuous bling. He adopted an extravagant dress style.

Riff Raff was keen to establish himself on television and to this end he traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to audition for a reality TV show on MTV called From G’s to Gents. He managed to secure a place on the show’s second season, and started to call himself MTV Riff Raff. Despite being eliminated in the second show of the series in 2009, his style and humor left a positive impression. Appearing on the show had the effect of boosting his career, and as a result he was able to link up with fellow rapper Simon Rex. They recorded some tracks as Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty. A collaboration with comedian Andy Milonakis followed, and the three performed as Three Loco. Joining two established stars expanded Riff Raff’s fan base.

In 2011 Riff Raff switched managers to OG Ron C of Swishahouse and he moved to Los Angeles. He bolstered his internet presence by releasing more music videos. A few months later, Riff Raff signed with the record label S.O.D. Money Gang Inc. but this relationship lasted barely a year and they parted acrimoniously.

2012 saw Riff Raff become involved with established producers like Harry Fraud and Diplo. Together with Action Bronson they released a music video Bird on a Wire that took the internet by storm. In less than two months it scored one million plays. 2012 proved to be a busy year for Riff Raff, as he released music videos for the songs Larry Bird, Time and a collaboration with Chief Keef titled Cuz My Gear. There was also a collaborative album with Diplo, and he also signed with Duiplo’s record label Mad Decent. Two mixtapes Summer of Surf and Birth of an Icon appeared as did an independently released album The Golden Alien.

The following year saw the release of several singles and a mixtape, and in 2014, his album Neon Icon appeared. 2015 Riff Raff took part in the Vans Warped Tour. Later that year his next studio album Peach Panther was due for release, but it was delayed and finally appeared in 2016. In April 2016, Riff Raff made it known that he had come to an agreement with Stampede Management and BMG which raised $4 million to “build an entertainment empire”.

In 2017 Riff Raff released another album, this time in collaboration with DJ Afterthought, entitled Cool Blue Jewels which featured guest artists like Jimmy Wopo and Wiz Khalifa. Late in 2018 Riff Raff’s mixtape Tangerine Tiger appeared, again with guests. These included Lil Tracy and Ricki Rich. In 2019 another studio album was released titled Pink Python. The guests this time included Chief Keef and Killah Priest. 2019 saw a second studio album being released, titled Cranberry Vampire with Simon Rex and Andy Milonakis among those guesting.

What Makes Him So Successful?

In order to see why Riff Raff has been so successful, it is necessary to go back to 2005, when he established a link with his first manager DB da Boss. In an interview later, DB da Boss told a reporter from LA Weekly that Riff Raff “was very driven, very ambitious.” He added that “you couldn’t deny his work ethic,” and that “underneath [his] shell is a very intelligent man.” In those few statements DB da Boss summed up the reasons why Riff Raff became such a success. He was ambitious, knowing exactly what he wanted to do and with a thirst to succeed. He was single-minded and self-confident. He was prepared to work to succeed,and as can be seen by the sheer quantity of material he has released over the years, he has kept that work rate up until now.

If an artist has talent and intelligence, he is imbued with a combination that can prove to be a winner. There are many talented performers in the world who have never achieved fame and fortune because they have not had the confidence to pursue their dream, nor the ability to recognize what they need to do as they try to develop a career. Riff Raff had both, and once linked with his determination to get ahead, there was no stopping him.

Riff Raff has been quoted as saying “the past ain’t going to make you no cash.” In this he is trying to emphasize the importance of looking to the future, to the next project. Always be looking to produce something new, something more for the fans to buy and to love you for. This is a great attitude to life and a career. Look ahead, not back. Whatever happened in the past cannot be changed, but the future is there to be molded and be where the next success is to be found.


Riff Raff is a flamboyant and sometimes controversial rapper who has carved out a successful career through determination and hard work. Whatever your opinion of him as a person or a performer, his work ethic cannot be denied. He shows us that hard work must be your number one priority.

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