Ricky Gervais Net Worth

How much is Ricky Gervais worth?

Net Worth:$140 Million
Profession:Professional Comedian
Date of Birth:June 25, 1961
1.73 m

You’ve seen him on the original British version of The Office before taking America by storm in For Your Consideration and The Invention of Lying.

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Who Is Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais doesn’t believe in faux pas, and with good reason. This is a man who, after receiving acidic (and factually incorrect) reviews of one of his stand-up tours, closed every tour thereafter by referring to the reviewer as an “ugly little pug-faced c**t.” A man who has stood in front of the most powerful people in Hollywood and mocked them to their faces. Twice. And if this all sounds like career suicide, consider that the multi-award winning producer, writer and director’s star has never been higher.

Gervais rose to fame when his series The Office was picked up by the BBC after the huge success of the pilot. He hates the idea of “celebrity”, he is infamously anti-religious, he is notoriously outspoken, and critics have been divisive on him for twenty years, but the very people who hate him hire him, and the audience that criticize him will still obsess over anything he does; whether it’s shaming Apple CEO Tim Cook in front of millions or dressing up in silly outfits in a Muppets movie, the world is enamored by Ricky Gervais.

English comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director Ricky Gervais has a net worth of $140 million dollars, as of 2021. Best known for co-creating, writing, and acting in The Office, and closing every stand-up tour with reference to the ugly little pug-faced c**t” reviewer.

The Worst News At Award Shows

Ricky Gervais changed the way hosting awards ceremonies worked. Instead of celebrating the nominees’ work, he would harshly berate them and be completely honest about his thoughts on the nominee. Award ceremonies have always featured light roasting in the past, but Gervais took it to another level and audiences loved it.

A big credit to his success is how he surrounds himself with other like-minded and talented creatives, often using the same team when producing something new. Some of his partners include Stephen Merchant, who co-created The Office and left the writers’ room for the US version, and Karl Pilkington, who has become the butt of many of Ricky’s jokes.

Gervais knows what works. Even when he broke North America, when he was scoring roles in huge movies and his face became recognizable worldwide, Gervais never lost respect for television as a medium for entertainment. He has now worked with Netflix to produce two critically acclaimed series, Derek and Afterlife. Both are classically cynical, as you would expect from Gervais, but deal with much darker themes than any of his other shows. It is a credit to his talent that these recent shows are just as popular despite the themes of death and mental illness.

How did Ricky Gervais earn his net worth?

Gervais is never lost for work, and no matter what controversial words come out of his mouth it seems like he will forever be an in-demand comedian regardless. He has hosted the Golden Globes five times now, despite each time being more mean spirited and sinister than the last, and Netflix paid the comedian $40 million for two stand-up specials.

Ricky Gervais makes a ridiculous amount of royalties from the US version of The Office from syndication sales, meaning that he profits every time the show is repeated on television or renewed by streaming services. Syndication sales. There are more episodes in one season of the US version than there are of the entire UK version, as it lasted an incredible 201 episodes, meaning that there’s a lot of money in the syndication.

You can find confirmation of this from Ricky himself. Whether or not he was joking, he stated that he does not care about the show, but he loves how much money he makes from it, even going on to say that Steve Carell ruined what was a cash cow for both of them when Carell decided to leave the show after its seventh season. Though the US version of the series has become arguably more popular than the UK version, the remakes don’t end there. The show has been remade several times for many different foreign audiences, and Gervais would have gotten a slice of the pie on all of them.

Not only does Ricky star on Hollywood movies, write his own stand-up material, and host award shows, but he lends his voice to video-games too. One of the video-games he featured in was Grand Theft Auto IV, a series that’s had as many controversies as the comedian. Gervais’ other ventures includes publishing books, including a children’s book, which may come surprising to most people considering his hotly disputed stand-up topics.

David Brent Goes To Hollywood

Ricky Gervais became incredibly popular in the UK long before he made it big in North America. He captured television audiences with the enormously successful BBC series The Office, playing the role of David Brent. Though The Office only lasted for two short seasons it wasn’t because of low numbers or because people didn’t like it. The audience loved the show due to how realistic and hum-drum it portrayed the UK sales work-life, and how close its characters were to real life people that would typically work in that sector. It found humor in the depressing, and that’s what makes Ricky Gervais’ comedy so unique.

Gervais followed up the success of The Office with another popular but short lived BBC show, Extras, which didn’t take off in the US quite as well as The Office, but it increased the popularity of Gervais in the UK along with his comedy tours. Gervais’ stand-up routines are often divisive as each one is themed around something specific, usually something that the comedian hates, such as religion or politics. His stand-up tours will always sell out, often within a space of minutes.

On top of that, Ricky Gervais has starred in several high concept films, most notably three of the Night At The Musuem movies, a series that has gone on to gross over a $1 billion dollars. He has a pension for starring in family movies as he has lent his voice to Spy Kids: All The Time In The World, and Muppets Most Wanted even features Gervais dancing and singing.

Besides movies, TV, and stand-up, there is fourth quadrant to Ricky Gervais’ fame, and that’s hosting, the thing he is possibly the most hated and loved for at the same time.


British comedian Ricky Gervais is a true Renaissance man: in addition to stand-up comedy, Gervais is a hugely successful writer, actor, director and even musician. He’s the creator of two critically acclaimed TV series, The Office (the original UK version) and Extras, as well as host of the most downloaded podcast on the internet, The Ricky Gervais Podcast. Gervais is one of those once-in-a-lifetime talents: a truly brilliant humorist with the ability to turn almost everything he touches to comedy gold.

Ricky Gervais acquired success later in his life than most celebrities. After failure to break in to the music industry, it wasn’t until he was 40 years old when The Office first aired. But that success snowballed quickly and before he knew it he was standing in front of billionaires and was expected to entertain them.

The final time he hosted the Golden Globes, Gervais was barely even telling jokes, he was telling it how it was, explaining why celebrities have no right to give speeches about the economy or politics on stage when they overlook what their employers do, speaking specifically about Amazon and Apple. He was holding up a mirror to Hollywood’s elite and they didn’t like the reflection. But it made headlines and it was the most talked about thing for weeks. And the way Gervais sees it is that he got paid to insult people he doesn’t like.

Ricky Gervais is worth over $140 million, but he still believes that he can make fun of rich people, and whether or not you think that’s hypocritical, or you dislike how outspoken he is, that is exactly why he keeps getting work.

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