Rick Dale Net Worth

Rick Dale is an expert restorer of old artifacts. He became famous thanks to reality television series American Restoration. This brought him not only fame but also a big wealth. As of 2023, Dale’s net worth is approximately $2.5 million. He runs his own business Rick´s Restorations in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He’s almost thirty years in the business of restoring antique items. His crew consists partially from his own family. In their location in Las Vegas, they can bring many different objects back to their glory days. No wonder this small company caught an eye of History channel. Rick first appeared as a guest star on Pawn Stars.

In 2010, Dale was given his own show which started as a first spin off of Pawn Stars. American Restoration is currently in its sixth season and looks like it will continue in foreseeable future. So Dale continues to increase his net worth on two fronts. From business itself and also from the salary given by History.

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