Rembrandt van Rijn Net Worth

About Rembrandt van Rijn

Dutch draughtsman, painter, and printmaker Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (5 July 1606 – 4 October 1669) is thought to have had a net worth of $1,000. Famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn created a number of outstanding pieces during the 17th century. On July 15, 1606, Rembrandt was born in Leiden, Netherlands. He was the only member of his vast family of siblings to pursue a secondary education. He was enrolled at the University of Leiden but left to pursue his passion for painting. He next relocated to Amsterdam, where he started working as Pieter Lastman’s apprentice. He spent a limited amount of time in Leiden after studying under Lastman.

Dutch draughtsman, painter, and printmaker Rembrandt van Rijn had an estimated net worth of $1 thousand dollars at the time of his death, in 1669. Rembrandt was notoriously irresponsible with money and ended up bankrupt.

What Is The Value Of A Rembrandt Painting Today?

With 2012, the artwork “A Bust of a Man in a Gorget and Cap” fetched $8.4 million pounds at auction in London.

Struggles in Rembrant van Rijn’s Personal Life

He was able to establish himself as an artist at this time. He rose to prominence as a portrait painter before going back to Amsterdam. He kept up a flourishing career as an artist. He accepted several students. He also wed Saska, a prosperous woman. Rembrandt’s life was tragically impacted despite his artistic accomplishment. His four children lost three of in infancy. Only Titus, the final kid to be born, lived. A short while after Titus was born, he also lost his wife. Rembrandt struggled with money a lot throughout his life. In 1656, he declared bankruptcy.

Famous Rembrandt van Rijn pieces

His financial difficulties didn’t seem to hinder his progress as an artist. Up until his death in Amsterdam in 1669, he was incredibly productive. The picture of “Agatha Bas” by Rembrandt is a superb illustration of how the artist’s portraits had a depth of feeling that conveyed the inner life of his subjects. Along with the picture “Meditating Philosopher” the portrait of the “A Woman in Bed.” is an illustration of how he portrays nuanced, human feeling in his portraiture. Rembrandt used dramatic, atmospheric lighting in his painting “Moses Smashes the Ten Commandments”

Rembrandt van Rijn’s legacy

Rembrandt had a significant impact on Baroque painters as well as later generations of artists. His emotive approach to his work, dramatic use of lights and darks, and original method of lighting crowds of people all made a profound influence on the art world.

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