How much is Professor Griff worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Rapper
Date of Birth:August 1, 1960
Country:United States of America
‎1.76 m

Who is Professor Griff

Richard Griffin, who goes by Professor Griff, was born on August 1st, 1960, in Long Island, New York as Richard Griffin. After he retired from the army, he began working at a security service firm before becoming a member of Unity Force. The hip hop group Public Enemy was formed in 1982. Soon after that, Ridenhour (Chuck D) invited Griffin to join the group as a sideman.

Professor Griff, a former member of the hip hop group Public Enemy, is known for its controversial lyrics, as well as anti-semitic and homophobic remarks. Professor Griff’s estimated net worth is at $5 million as of 2020. Let’s take a closer look at Griff’s work.

How did Griff get rich?

Professor Griff is an American rapper, spoken word artist, and lecturer currently resides in Atlanta. He was a member of the hip hop group Public Enemy, serving as the group’s Minister of Information before having to depart as a result of a controversy regarding alleged homophobic and anti-semitic statements made during an interview.

Unity Force, together with Griffin, was renamed The Security of the First World, known simply as S1W. It combined bodyguards and dancers, which was an interesting concept for a group even today. On stage, they performed martial arts, military drill, and other performance arts relating to their combat training.

Professor Griff also became the official spokesperson for the group yet was later dropped from the group after a number of anti-semitic and homophobic remarks.

After Professor Griff left the Public Enemy group, he formed a group titled the Last Asiatic Disciples. He was also known as a member of the Nation of Islam. Griff’s discography includes five studio albums, starting with the Pawns in the Game from 1990. His last, And The Word Became Flesh was released in 2001.

In 2019 Professor Griff published a memoir called, Analytixz: 20 Years of Conversations and Enter-views with Public Enemy’s Minister of Information.

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