Phil Collins Net Worth

How much is Phil Collins worth?

Net Worth:$270 Million
Profession:Professional Drummer
Date of Birth:January 30, 1951
Country:United Kingdom

About Phil Collins

One of the best singers and drummers of his generation, Philip David Charles Collins was born in 1951 in England. He started his musical career as a drummer in the iconic British band Genesis, where he also transitioned to the lead singer after the departure of their frontman Peter Gabriel. During the 1980s he was a number 1 or hit-making machine. There isn’t an artist during the 1980s with more number ones than Phil Collins.

As of 2021, Phil Collins has an estimated net worth of $270 million dollars.

Phil Collins wasn’t born into an artistic family. His father was an insurance agent and his mother was a theatrical agent, but not very creative herself as Collins himself noted in interviews. He was given a toy drum kit at the age of five and never stopped playing drums afterward. One of his biggest fans from an early age, and the person who provided continual encouraged, even built him drumsets, was his uncle. Collins performed at school and local festivals from first grade onwards. His biggest influences, both musically and as a drummer specifically were the Beatles, jazz drummer Buddy Rich and the underground London band The Action.

What makes him so successful?

Musical talent and the willingness to take creative and professional risks are what sets Phil Collins apart from other people.

Just as he was beginning to forge an acting career, he returned to his first love, his greatest passion, music. A drummer from the early age of 5, it was noticeable that he had great talent. Even his school mates and teachers in his elementary school raved about him. Ever since he was a child people saw something special in him. He worked hard at his craft and got rewarded.

He was also willing to take chances. He had a good band of his own but was willing to risk it and audition for a far greater, more successful band called Genesis. He wasn’t happy being just the drummer, and he explored other instruments as well as improving his voice. He has a love for music that is hard to parallel, always looking to learn something new, to improve. He took a chance at being the lead singer of Genesis once Peter Gabriel left, which was the cornerstone of his amazing solo career. Throughout his career you see hard work, curiosity, and willingness to risk and try new things pay off in a big way.

How did Phil Collins get rich?

During the time when Phil Collins started on his magnificent musical career, albums and singles were still sold and bought massively. That meant if you had a big song, a number 1 hit, people would go out and buy it, and you would get royalties from it. During the 80s, he had more Number One hits than any other musical artist. He is one of the three most sold recording artists, only behind Paul McCartney and the late, great Michael Jackson. It is estimated that he has sold over 150 million copies worldwide and just under $40 million dollars in the US alone.

Based on various sources, Phil Collins is the second richest drummer in the world. The only drummer who earned more money than him is none other than, Ringo Starr of the Beatles. With an estimated wealth of $270 million dollars, he is one of the richest musicians Britain has ever produced.

Why is he so famous?

For a while Phil Collins gave up music and pursued acting. That lasted until he turned 18. He had formed a band with a few people he knew. The band was even booked as a backup band during tours of a few British artists. After the tours were over, Collins decided to stay in music and that band specifically. They called themselves the Flaming Youth. The band recorded one album and one concept album, but without commercial success.

As the band Genesis decided to shake things up, Collins was asked to audition as the drummer. He passed with flying colors and joined the band two weeks after the audition. Oddly enough, during those two weeks he worked as a set designed for the band. He stayed with Genesis from 1970 to 1978. At the beginning of his career, he was mainly a drummer, with a few back-vocal performances to support Peter Gabriel for some of the tracks. On the first three albums he totaled 2 songs where he sang lead vocals. All three of those albums peaked high both in the UK and in the US, selling a lot of copies.

Peter Gabriel decided to leave Genesis in 1975. Genesis auditioned over 500 people for his replacement but decided that none of them can give the band the vocal performances that Phil Collins could bring. So he turned from a drummer to both a drummer and a singer, even multi-instrumentalist if need be. Their next album, and first with Collins as their lead singer was their most successful one both critically and commercially. It was top 5 in the UK and top 40 in the US: But Genesis would go on hiatus at the end of the 70s. During the 80s Phil Collins embarked on a highly successful solo career. At the time, it seemed that everything he touched turned into a number 1 hit. Some of his greatest hits are “In The Air Tonight”, “One More Night” “Another Day In Paradise”, “Two Hearts” and too many more to mention. He also composed music for movies. His biggest composing success was creating music for Disney’s Tarzan, which won him an Oscar for best original song.


In conclusion, Phil Collins is one of the most successful musicians that has ever lived. He went from drumming at a toy drum at the age of 5 to becoming the second wealthiest drummer in history after Ringo Starr. With his love of music he expanded his horizons, played with numerous greats, and created many timeless hits. From drummer to singer, from an unknown kid from rural Britain to one of the most recognizable voices and artists of his generation, Phil Collins is true greatness personified, a unique artist, who has lived an incredible life.

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