Perez Hilton Net Worth

How much is Perez Hilton worth?

Net Worth:$30 Million
Profession:Professional Blogger
Date of Birth:March 23, 1978
Country:United States of America
1.8 m

Who Is Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton, born Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., is a television personality, gossip columnist, and blogger who has become best known for his enormous list of controversies, feuds, and lawsuits. From working freelance to acquiring millions of views on his personal blog on a monthly basis, the journalist has earned millions of dollars thanks to his unique, bitter, and antagonizing writing style, and has made a living out of bullying celebrities and making enemies. Thanks to his involvement with celebrities and actively posting photos of himself with the rich and famous at award shows and private events, the blogger was able to turn himself in to a celebrity too.

As of 2021, Perez Hilton has a net worth of $30 million dollars.

How Did Perez Hilton Get So Rich?

Not only has hilton made millions from ad revenue from his many online outlets, but the entertainer has moved to Youtube too. He has two vlogs, which are named Perez Hilton and Perez Hilton and Friends, and he also hosts a podcast with another entertainer, Chris Booker. Hilton doesn’t just discuss his dangerously hot topics online either, as he has had not one, but two books published, named Red Carpet Suicide: A Survival Guide on Keeping Up With the Hiltons, and Perez Hilton’s True Bloggywood Stories: The Glamorous Life of Beating, Cheating and Overdosing. And though most of his work is not remotely child friendly and should be kept out of reach of youngsters, he does have a children’s book published, which is called The Boy With The Pink Hair.

Alternatively to his main income, a lot of the entertainer’s wealth comes from being somewhat of a television personality and appearing in a host of TV shows, cameoing as himself. Hilton had his own reality show on VH1, What Perez Sez, and was also a contestant on Celebrity Rap Superstar on MTV. On top of that, Perez has also appeared in music videos more than anything else, and his credits include featuring in The Pussycat Dolls’ “Hush Hush”, Rihanna’s “S&M”, and Simple Plan’s “When I’m Gone”.

Why Is He So Famous?

Though Perez Hilton isn’t the blogger’s name given to him at birth and is in fact a pseudonym he gave to himself, which is a play on Paris Hilton’s name, it is the name he is known as across the whole of America. The pseudonym is a great example of his abrasive and combative approach to journalism, as he picks victims at will and uses unusual images and puns to publicly bully them.

Hilton originally intended on being an actor after graduating from New York University in 2000, but after that failed miserably he shifted in to freelance writing for several differed LGBT magazines. He then compiled his own writing not picked up by publishers and put them on to his own blog, The blog predominantly covers gossip stories on celebrities and are unique compared to other usual paparazzi photos, as Perez often adds his own captions and doodles. The blog had a big hand in pioneering the way celebrities are relentlessly followed around by photographers and “journalists”.

After the inception of the blog, The Insider named it “Hollywood’s Most Hated Website”, which massively catapulted the blog’s popularity and in an ordinary day the website was getting more than eight million views. The blog has received endless amounts of criticism for its attitude, and Perez has been in bother for outing celebrities who were supposedly in the closet. Hilton also has vendettas against movie stars such as Vanessa Hudgens and pop star Miley Cyrus, but hypocritically has an affinity for Lady Gaga and Sophia Bush, which has led to extremely biased coverage.

Whenever Hilton is not working on his blog, he spends most of the time in the courtroom or in back rooms quietly settling lawsuits. The lawsuits that Hilton has been subject to are countless, and those are just the ones we know about. In 2005, Hilton was one of the predominant journalists to pass around Colin Ferrell’s leaked sex tape, and he also posted a topless image of Jeniffer Aniston, both of which he was sued for. He has also been sued for libel a ton of times, and the biggest lawsuit of Hilton’s career was when he was sued for more than seven million dollars by a photo agency for using their photos without permission.

What Makes Perez So Successful?

Though it is arguably undeserved and he is hated by entire industries, but for antagonizing musicians and actors he has made dump trucks full of cash. And despite his content being controversial, Hilton has expertly turned what began as a hobby in to a career that prints money. His rise to extreme wealth was during a time when all blogs revolved around personal journals and the writers were front and center of their own writing, but Hilton states that he found writing about other people much more interesting. He has found so much success because there was nothing like his work at the time it was being published.

Besides being the first of his kind, Hilton often involves himself in the gossip that he reports on, which in turn makes him a celebrity too. Hilton attends celebrity awards shows, private events, and parties, and then takes photographs of celebrities that includes himself and reports on the stories afterwards. It’s like if Miley Cyrus started a gossip column and started bitching about other people in the industry. This approach had never been done before in the industry or even in gossip columns, and it felt to readers like the rumors were coming from an insider.


Hilton could very well be the world’s first internet troll, and with his fascinating but brutal take on gossip stories, Hilton was a pioneer in that kind of journalism, if you can call it that. Owing to the way he puts a crosshair on celebrities whose names he seemingly pulls out of a hat at random, the television personality has an estimated net worth of $32 million. But for as long as he lambasts celebrities online and continues to get millions of hits, Hilton’s wealth will undoubtedly keep snowballing.

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