Pat Farrah Net Worth

How much is Pat Farrah worth?

Net Worth:$2.4 Billion
Profession:Co-Founder of Home Depot
Date of Birth:Unknown
Country:United States of America

Who Is Pat Farrah

Successful entrepreneur Pat Farrah is best known as the co-founder of the world’s biggest home improvement retailing company, Home Depot. As of 2021, Pat Farrah’s estimated net worth is currently an amazing $2.4 billion. How did he amass such an impressive sum despite dropping out of the school?

Pat Farrah was born in Southern California as a son of an oil surveyor. He didn’t finish his studies and dropped out of junior college. In 1962, Farrah started working at National Lumber and Supply Company in LA. His skills and knowledge gained him a promotion to store manager soon. In time he became a vice president and general manager.

Farrah left the company after a disagreement with the National Lumber’s owners in 1977. He decided to implement his idea of a home-improvement retailing company after securing the necessary capital and founded Homeco in 1978. After the company had to end due to financial issues, Farrah was hired by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank to help them created a similar project, the Home Depot.

Farrah worked as a Home Depot’s chief merchandising officer until he left to pursue his other projects. A few years later he rejoined the company and worked there until his retirement in the 2000s. In 2011, Farrah gained the Global DIY Lifetime Award at a summit in Belgium.

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