How much is Owen Wilson worth?

Net Worth:$70 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:November 18, 1968
Country:United States of America
1.79 m

He was ‘so hot’ in Zoolander before he was crashing weddings and hopping aboard The Darjeeling Limited

Who Is Owen Wilson

He’s an all-American guy from the south with a mischievous smile and signature crooked nose who we all wish would crash our weddings. But the funnyman we see onscreen isn’t always the same Owen Wilson in life. The star, who has proven he’s more than just a comedian, has battled some personal demons, but he’s come back on top as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

American actor Owen Wilson has a net worth of $70 million dollars, as of 2020.

A Born Troublemaker

Born in Texas to a photographer mother and an ad man father, along with two brothers, Andrew and fellow actor Luke, the boys were more than a handful—but none more than Owen. When he was in 10th grade, Owen was expelled from his Dallas high school, St. Mark’s Academy, for cheating before being sent to a military academy in New Mexico to try and straighten out. Upon graduation from the military academy, Owen headed to the University of Texas at Austin where he met now famed director and screenwriter Wes Anderson.  

The two quickly became friends and began working on a screenplay together, Bottle Rocket. The screenplay was passed along until it reached the hands of director James L. Brooks who gave the boys $5 million to make their movie. Bottle Rocket was released in 1996 and was met with critical applause. With one film under their belt, the two headed to Hollywood where Owen and Wes shacked up with Owen’s two brothers Andrew and Luke. Almost immediately Owen started landing roles in films like The Cable Guy (1996), Permanent Midnight (1998) and Breakfast of Champions (1999)—although the majority of these early films suffered less than stellar runs at the box office, they began to circulate Owen’s face among top industry execs.  

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Comedy And Depression

But it was the turn of the millennium that would be a changing point in Owen’s career. He landed roles in the wildly popular Meet the Parents and Shanghai Noon. Soon after, in 2001, he was holding down diverse roles in Behind Enemy Lines, The Royal Tenenbaums (for which he once again partnered with Wes Anderson to write the screenplay) and Zoolander. Owen then reprised his free-wheeling cowboy character, Roy O’Bannon for Shanghai Noon sequel, Shanghai Knights before he learned the code in Wedding Crashers (2005) and hopped aboard The Darjeeling Limited (2007). As a cherry on top, he became involved with fellow Hollywood darling Kate Hudson in 2006.  

Although Owen’s career’s seemed to be on cloud nine, producing box office smash hit after hit, there was clearly a dark side to the star. Following a split from Hudson, on August 26, 2007 Owen was rushed to St. John’s Health Center after reports that he had attempted suicide by swallowing a cocktail of pills and slashing his wrists. Although Wilson never spoke publicly about his suicide attempt, Owen did drop out of Tropic Thunder and began to undergo treatment for depression.  

A Triumphant Return

But Owen came back into the limelight the following year with blockbuster films like Marley & Me (2008) before signing on to Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009) and Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009). Even with a serious bump in the road, the comedian is still “so hot right now.” Whether he’s playing a Zen ex-boyfriend or Wild West cowboy, Owen brings a playfulness to the theaters that keeps us lined up for more.  

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Defining Quote “I don’t think I ever had the idea that I wanted to be an actor. That would have seemed a little too far fetched.”

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