Natural actual flow

There is a fair attribution of others that is natural and should not be interrupted.

There is a natural free flow of truth about others, their achievements, who they are actually, and so on. If one tries to block the natural flow of truth about others then they themselves become blocked. 

Let’s take Leonardo DiCaprio, for example. We consider the person. And we get a glimpse or a long see of who we consider the person to be. It may be accurate it may be inaccurate, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we do not decide to falsely attribute him with attributes that he does not possessess, and vice versa.

The reason a person will get blocked and have trouble is because interrupting (blocking) this natural process of attribution is exploitative and harmful. It can be favorable short term but will always lead to distress. And it is something that we are all doing everyday all the time.  So we have a choice and that choice will write our life, as per Hinduism.

For example, let’s take Jake Paul. We watch him knock out his opponent, it’s obvious. A person watching this knows this. However they decide to falsely attribute the person in their own mind and instead of letting truth flow (KO) they put out deception, instead (he took a dive).

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