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Natalee Holloway was an 18-year-old honors student and graduate of Mountain Brook High School located in Birmingham, Alabama. She was on a trip in Aruba with 125 members of her senior class. On Monday, May 30, 2005, she did not show up for her scheduled flight back to the United States. Once the search began, witnesses came forward and stated that they had seen Natalee the night before, leaving a nightclub. She was not alone. With her were Joran Van Der Sloot, 17; Deepak Kalpoe, 21; and Satish Kalpoe, 18, their ages at the time of the disappearance.

These three denied any involvement in her disappearance. Instead, they insisted that they dropped her off at her hotel that night. However, their story changed numerous times and continued to do so as the search progressed. Over time, they became the prime targets although Van der Sloot was the focus.

Eighteen-year-old American woman Natalee Holloway had a net worth of $1 thousand dollars at the time of her death, in 2005. Holloway vanished on May 30, 2005, near the end of a high school graduation trip to Aruba in the Caribbean.

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Another 19 year old was also arrested but later released because it was found that the witness leading to his arrest lied. Once again, all eyes turned to Van der Sloot, and in May 2006, Natalee’s family filed a civil lawsuit against Van der Sloot and his father, which was subsequently dismissed. Natalee’s parents then turned their lawsuits to the Kalpoe brothers while the Dutch police investigated the Van Der Sloot family home. By June 2007, the lawsuit against the Kalpoe brothers was also dismissed.Yet, prosecutors and investigators continued to pursue these three men, rightfully so. On November 21, 2007, the three were re-arrested and officially charged with homicide. However, as Natalee’s body had yet to be found, and citing a lack of evidence, Aruba investigators officially closed the case in December of 2007.

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In February 2008, a Dutch journalist claimed to have solved the case by collecting evidence and using hidden cameras to gather proof, which led Aruba authorities to question Van der Sloot once again, though no arrest resulted. Later that year, Van der Sloot appeared on television to say he had sold Natalee to a human trafficker for $10,000, but later said he was lying in the interview. Soon after, a photograph taken by scuba diving tourists claimed to be a picture of skeletal remains that might have belonged to the missing girl, though this was later invalidated also. Between Van der Sloot’s continual lies and the media circus surrounding the case, nothing yeilded closure for Natalee’s family. From there, things got even stranger, and to few people’s surprise, Van der Sloot was once again accused of murder.

Van der Sloot was arrested in 2010 in Peru accused of murdering a 21-year old Peruvian girl whose body was discovered in a hotel room registered to his name. After being found in Chile and extradited back to Peru, Van der Sloot apparently confessed to the murder and was subsequently officially charged with her slaying.

Although he later claimed the confession was false, of course, Van der Sloot is now facing up to 35 years in a Peruvian jail, however the real story of what happened to Natalee Holloway and where her remains may be are still a mystery. Recently, Natalee’s father requested that she be declared legally dead, but unfortunately, there is no happy ending to this tale, especially for those who loved Natalee.

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