Motorhead Net Worth

The English heavy metal band Motorhead as formed by Ian Fraser Lemmy Kilmister in 1975 and ended their work in 2015 after his death. As of 2023, members of the Motorhead band had a joint net worth of approximately 65 million dollars. Several sources value net worth of deceased Lemmy to approximately 10 million dollars.

How Did Motorhead Get So Rich?

Motorhead band originated from London, England. The group was founded by Lemmy, after he was fired from Hawkwind rock/heavy metal band because of the arrest for drug possession, according to NME.

“In May 1975, Lemmy was busted at the Toronto border with a gram of amphetamine sulfate down his pants. He spent a night in jail and then received a combination of good and bad news. “The police charged me for cocaine and I really had amphetamines,” said Lemmy.” — Rolling Stone

Their impressive discography includes 23 studio albums, the latest are Kiss of Death from 2006, Motörizer from 2008, The World Is Yours from 2010, Aftershock from 2013, and Bad Magic from 2015.

During their fourty years long career, they also released ten live recordings, five EPs, and 12 compilation albums. Their song titled The Game is well known for using as an entrance music by wrestler Triple H. He had a speech on Lemmy’s funeral.

Motorhead’s frontman Lemmy died on December 28th, 2015, because of an aggressive form of prostate cancer and heart failure. Then the band finished their work. The other members, who was a part of the band during the years, were Larry Wallis, Lucas Fox, Phil Taylor, Eddie Clarke, Brian Robertson, Phil Campbell, Michael Burston, Pete Gill, and Mikkey Dee.

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