Miley Cyrus Net Worth

How much is Miley Cyrus worth?

Net Worth:$175 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:November 23, 1992
Country:United States of America
1.65 m

Her role as Hannah Montana started her career; her role as star of every photo scandal in recent history cemented it.

Binge Worthy

Who Is Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been the subject of every scandal ranging from provocative photo shoots to dating older men, racist accusations to gyrating a little too much in too little clothing onstage. Somewhere, she also found time to star in her own hit show, release several wildly successful albums, start a burgeoning film career and explode into the kind of role model every parent fears. But she was once just the wide-eyed daughter of that “Achy Breaky” singer, Billy Ray Cyrus.  

American singer Miley Cyrus has a net worth of $175 million dollars, as of 2021.

Destined For Fame

Her parents, Billy Ray and Leticia, named her Destiny Hope because they were sure she was destined for great things. She quickly adopted the nickname “Smiley” (later truncated to “Miley,” and legally changed to Miley Ray in May 2008) because of the perpetual smile on her face. Their union created a “Brady Bunch” of sorts. Billy Ray was already the father to Christopher Cody, while Tish had a son and daughter, Trace and Brandi. After Miley, they had two more kids, Braison and Noah.  

Miley knew from an early age that she wanted to be an actress, and she wasted no time pursuing that dream. By the time she was 11, she already had a credit in Tim Burton’s Big Fish, but it was an audition for a new Disney Channel show that changed her career, and her life, forever. Her audition tape for the show’s co-starring role landed her an invitation to come to Hollywood and try out for the lead. Producers initially shot her down because she was too young, but she managed to charm her way into the title character of Miley Stewart, a teenager who secretly moonlights as a pop star, in Hannah Montana. The show was instantly successful, garnering an enormous young fan following and catapulting her into a teen idol almost overnight.  

Meet Miley

Her music career was launched in conjunction with the series’ March 2006 debut—her first single was also the theme song to the show. Her first album, released in October 2006, was credited to her Disney alter-ego, Hannah Montana, and was the soundtrack to the first season of the show. As herself, she released her first album, Meet Miley Cyrus, in June 2007 as a double CD with the second Hannah Montana soundtrack. The album went platinum three times, and her Best of Both Worlds Tour in support of it sold out instantly with scalpers peddling off seats for upwards of $2,000.  

The Camera Is Not Your Friend

In 2008, the focus started to shift from her success to some of her questionable behavior. In April, a hacker posted photos of Cyrus in her underwear stolen from her email account. She apologized for the photos, but days later, provocative photos from a Vanity Fair shoot emerged, and she was thrown back into the spotlight. The shots, taken by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, showed the then-15-year-old pale, thin and posing topless with a sheet draped over the front of her body.  

Following the incident, it seemed like everywhere Miley went, scandal followed—especially where there was a camera involved. She was already getting heat for embarking on a relationship with 20-year-old underwear model Justin Gaston in late 2008 when she was barely 16. In February 2009, a photo of her making a racist slant-eyes gesture in a photo emerged, then in April comedian Jamie Foxx made some bizarre remarks about her on his radio show, advising her to “make a sex tape and grow up. Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin. Do like Lindsay Lohan… and get some crack in your pipe.” He subsequently apologized to the young star, but she seemed to take his advice to some degree when a video of her experimenting with the legal hallucinogen Salvia leaked on the internet in December 2010.  

Definitely Not Her Last Song

However, the decidedly negative press surrounding her didn’t get in the way of her career momentum…or her dating momentum. In September 2009, she kicked off her Wonder World Tour, performing songs from her first album, the Hannah Montana soundtracks and her 2008 album Breakout. Shortly after splitting with Gaston in June 2009, she started shooting her first serious film The Last Song, a tearjerker based on Nicholas Sparks’s novel, and began dating her co-star, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.  The couple married in 2018 yet separated two years later in 2020.

Cyrus wrapped Hannah Montana after its fourth season to focus on her music and film career. Despite lukewarm reviews of her performance in The Last Song, she has had no problems landing roles thanks to her surging popularity, her workhorse ethic and her penchant for posing in eyebrow-raising photos.

Defining Quote “I hope my fans understand that along the way, I am going to make mistakes, and I am not perfect.”

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