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People were aware of Michael Page’s distinctive fighting style before Bellator 120, the company’s inaugural pay per view event. However, hearing is one thing, and seeing is something else different. And on that Saturday night, fans saw a unique fighter take on Ricky Rainey. We’re talking about a man who, during practically the entire striking match, kept his hands on his hips, even as Rainey charged at him and threw punches. Along the way, Page frequently connected with his punches, attempted a downward heel kick, glanced away from his opponent as if uninterested, and generally reminded of a kung fu film (see below for why). The overhand right that followed put an end to the situation.

English kickboxer, boxer, and mixed martial artist Michael Page has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars, as of 2023. Page is recognised in the MMA community for his unorthodox fighting style, which originated from freestyle kickboxing and sport karate.

Date of Birth: Michael Page was born on April 7, 1987 in England.

Nickname, Training Camp, and Fighting Organization:

Page’s nickname is ‘Venom’.  He trains with London Shootfighters in England, and fights for the Bellator organization.

Michael Page is as interesting a fighter as you’ll see.  Keep reading to find out why.

Martial Arts History

In this respect, Page differs from the bulk of MMA competitors. He has a history of point fighting, as you can see. And while though Page’s approach is derived on Chinese martial arts rather of the more popular Japanese martial arts, as we have discovered from fighters like Lyoto Machida, that may give to an amazing ability to keep out of harm’s way in a cage.

Page told the Mirror, “I originally came from Lau Gar kung fu. “My dad and I used to compete in a lot of what we refer to as ‘freestyle kickboxing’ matches. While most kickboxing techniques place a greater emphasis on power, this point-scoring art places a greater emphasis on quickness and agility. So that’s where my cage-fighting style originates.

In point-style and semi-contact kickboxing and karate organizations, he held numerous European and World titles while still in his teens and was a multiple-time UK champion.

When you’re in the cage, everyone has the same chance of success. But there is one thing going for me—not many people, if any, have run into someone with my sense of style. As a result, it will be difficult for you to train to defend yourself against me because there isn’t much to look at.

In the end, Page started learning Lau Gar kung fu at the age of three from his master teacher, father Curtis Page. At age five, he took part in his first karate match.

He then switched to kickboxing. Additionally, Page has won ten freestyle kickboxing world championships, his first coming at the age of 12. Wikipedia states that Page has acknowledged that he has won the title of British champion a “silly amount of times.” of times.

Beginnings of MMA

What Page had to say to Inside Fights about his decision to switch from kickboxing to MMA is as follows:

“Progression was the main factor. I was training a lot in kickboxing, but I felt like I was in a rut since I kept competing in the same events and facing the same opponents year after year. Once you reach the top, everyone just waits for you to be passed by someone else. I was no longer making progress and was simply waiting to be defeated. Kickboxing as a sport doesn’t get enough attention because it’s not that popular. Even down to my style, because kickboxing hasn’t gotten much attention, people now that I’ve entered MMA don’t really comprehend what they’re seeing because they haven’t seen it before.

At UCMMA 26, Page made his professional MMA debut on February 4, 2012, knocking out Ben Dishman in the first round with a tornado kick (TKO).

Combative Style

Be prepared for powerful strikes.

While performing spinning and jumping kicks and dropping his hands, Page has incredible distance control. In conclusion, he is the kind of striker who can change the way the game is played.

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