How much is Meshell Ndegeocello worth?

Net Worth:$100 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:August 29, 1968
Country:Germany-born American

“Looking at the media today, I’m quite ashamed of myself, of things I’ve participated in. Everything is marketed to sex and gossip and it’s just a shame that those are the things at the forefront, on people’s minds, those are the things that make you popular, what you have on or how little you have on and it has nothing to do with music, nothing to do with sports it has nothing to do with the things so many communities put their faith in. It’s just a sad place to be.” — Meshell Ndegeocello.

Who Is Meshell Ndegeocello

Meshell was born in Germany to Jacques Johnson, an Army lieutenant/saxophonist, and Helen Johnson, a health care worker. The family moved to Virginia in the early 1970s. Growing up, she learned to play the bass guitar and as a teenager, she began to play regularly in clubs in and around Washington DC. Eventually she settled in New York City after a stint of studying music at Howard University. After unsuccessfully auditioning for several local bands (including the African-American rock group Living Colour), she concentrated on being a solo artist. In the early 1990s she was signed to Madonna‘s Maverick label.

American singer-songwriter, rapper, and bassist Meshell Ndegeocello has a net worth of $100 million dollars, as of 2020. She has also gone by the name “Meshell Suhaila Bashir-Shakur”.

Birth name: Michelle Johnson. Born: Aug. 29, 1968, in Berlin, Germany. Raised: In the Washington DC area.

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Meshell is a very well-regarded bassist, and has been lauded by her musical peers as perhaps the best female bass guitar player ever. She was the first woman to be featured on the cover of Bass Player magazine and remains one of few women bandleaders who write music.
As of 2011, she had received a total of 10 Grammy nominations throughout her career, but has never won.

Modest Success

Meshell released her first five albums on the Maverick label, however her commercial success has been modest due to various reasons, including her complex, personal lyrics and diverse musical style, which is inspired by funk, soul, jazz, pop and rock. Her biggest hit song to date was a duet with rock singer John Mellencamp in 1994, a remake of Van Morrison’s “Wild Night.” She had another modest hit with “If That’s Your Boyfriend (He Wasn’t Last Night),” from her 1993 debut album, Plantation Lullabies. Her most successful album to date is 1996’s Peace Beyond Passion, which reached No. 63 on Billboard’s album chart.

The Name Game:

Meshell Ndegéocello is pronounced MEE-shellN-duh-GAY-o-chel-o. Her first name, at various times, has been spelled Me’Shell, Meshell and Me’shell. And according to the singer, Ndegeocello is Swahili for “free like a bird.”

‘Be My Husband’

Singer-musician Meshell Ndegeocello has rarely done conventional things musically. With the exception of her 1993 debut single, “If That’s Your Boyfriend (He Wasn’t Last Night)” and her 1994 duet with John Mellencamp, “Wild Night,” her entire career has virtually been a series of critically acclaimed, yet commercially unsuccessful albums and songs, many of which deal with sensitive subjects like prostitution, domestic abuse, religious faith and abandonment. So considering her eclectic history, it’s almost surprising that she’s going to be doing something as fairly normal as releasing a tribute album soon. In fact, it’s almost like she’s following the trend of the moment, considering how another R&B/Soul artist, Leela James, is coincidentally releasing a tribute album of her own next week, honoring the life and legacy of jazz legend Etta James. Meshell’s upcoming project is somewhat similar, but in her case, it’s a different jazz legend, Nina Simone, whose songs are being covered. The album’s title Pour Une Ame Souveraine, which is French for “For a Sovereign Soul,” is a nod to Nina’s spending the final 10 years of her life in France, starting in 1993. Among the songs covered on the album are “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” “House of the Rising Sun” and “To Be Young, Gifted and Black.” Meshell will be joined by a number of guest performers at points on the album, including Sinead O’Connor, Cody ChesnuTT and Lizz Wright. Here’s a little taste of the album to whet your appetite: a spirited version of one of Nina’s best-known songs, “Be My Husband,” which features vocalist Valerie June.

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