How much is Matthew Morrison worth?

Net Worth:$10 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:October 30, 1978
Country:United States of America
1.83 m

He got his start on Broadway and now he’s the teacher we all have a crush on as the Glee club director in Lima, Ohio.

Who Is Matthew Morrison

Throughout his life, Matthew Morrison has strived for one thing and one thing only: to make it as a great actor. Morrison has showcased his talents in the form of musical productions, minor parts in film and television, and even for a hot minute in a boy band. After enduring all the ups and downs the entertainment industry threw at him, Morrison has finally breached the barrier between obscurity and glamorous, glittery fame.  

American actor Matthew Morrison has a net worth of $10 million dollars, as of 2020.


Morrison developed a serious interest in acting after attending theater camp as a young boy. Driven by his newfound aspirations, Morrison enrolled in the Orange County High School of the Arts, and furthered his studies by attending NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where he studied dance, musical theater and vocal performance. Anxious to jumpstart his career, Morrison dropped out of college and found an agent.

Broadway soon snatched up the young talent, offering him his first steps into show business. He began as a member of the ensemble in a musical production of Footloose, followed shortly thereafter by part in a Rocky Horror Picture Show revival. Broadway fanatics know him best for his breakthrough part on the original cast of Hairspray in 2002.  

Stage To Screen

Morrison took a chance on screen and began taking minor acting opportunities in television and film. He started out with guest appearances on television in such series as CSI: Miami and Numb3rs, and even took a part in the long-running soap opera, As the World Turns. Morrison also played small roles on the big screen in Dan in Real Life (2007) and Music and Lyrics (2007).  

In other fleeting ventures, Morrison sidestepped his career path and joined a foursome pop group, LMNT, just as they were trying to break into the music industry. The boy band experience was short lived as he was eventually dropped from the group.  


Morrison made his way back to the stage and played leading roles in more hit Broadway musical productions, Light in the Piazza and South Pacific. Finally, after a decade of dedication, Morrison landed his most personally prized role as the centerpiece of a critically acclaimed FOX show.  

In 2009, FOX premiered their promising musical comedy television series Glee, in which Morrison plays leader to a high school glee club. The idea of making a musical TV show seemed like it was doomed to fail, but it made an exceptional impression on American audiences of all ages. Glee was the most-nominated series of 2010 in the Golden Globes and Emmys with Morrison receiving a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. With his background in musical theater, Morrison was perfect for the role. “If I could have created a TV show for myself, this would have been it,” he says, “this is a dream job for me.”  

Living The Dream

Morrison is making the most out of his rising star status. While continuing on as Mr. Schue in Glee, Morrison is simultaneously working on a solo singing career. In January 2010, he struck up a record deal with Mercury Records and has already begun recording his debut album, which is rumored to feature a duet with the herculean pop star Elton John.  

After a life of great determination and endurance, Matthew Morrison has made it. His wry smile and sweet tenor voice has earned him heartthrob status amongst his audience that will likely take him far. And to the delight, or dismay, of his fans, Morrison is straight.

Defining Quote “I grew up singing and dancing, so people have been calling me gay since fifth grade. I’ve heard everything you can possibly hear about it. But I do love gay people, so i’m not going to act like I was insulted or angry about it.”

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