Matt Ogus Net Worth

Natural bodybuilder Matt Ogus is best known for his videos on self-titled YouTube channel where he shares his tips about nutrition and workouts, and vlog. He is also known under the his nickname Flex For All. Matt Ogus’ estimated net worth is currently $500 thousand as of 2021 and we also know interesting facts about his insanely hot girlfriend.

Matt is dating attractive young girl Megan Gittins. She is a student at Azusa Pacific University, California. His girlfriend is allegedly pursuing Biblical Studies and Pre-Medical Studies. Megan also spends a lot of time working out in the gym, taking care of her hot body. That’s an interest they share with Matt.

Matt Ogus was born on March 21st, 1991, in Citrus Height, California. He started working out in his high school weight training class at the age of fifteen, being taught by his football coach. Four years later, he participated in his first bodybuilding show. In 2011, he started posting videos and teaching his fans how to get a sixpack.

Ogus has more than 500 thousand subscribers and over 114 million views on hi channel as of January 2017. He has also many followers on his Instagram account. He has become one of the leading icons in bodybuilding on social media which gained him a pretty nice net worth. He is also sponsored by several fitness brands. Matt sells his unique training system titled Ogus753 online which creates another part of his income.

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