Mary Austin Net Worth

How much is Mary Austin worth?

Net Worth:$120 Million
Date of Birth:March 6, 1951
Country:United Kingdom
1.7 m

Who Is Mary Austin

Mary Austin is a British-born celebrity and homemaker that rose to prominence for her association with the flamboyant frontman of the rock group Queen – Freddy Mercury. She spent most of her twenties dating the British superstar, being both his love and inspiration.

The muse of Freddie Mercury also played a big role in the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” where she’s played by the actress Lucy Boynton. The 2018 biological drama became a box-office hit, as it amassed nearly $1 billion, earned many prestigious awards, and became the sixth highest-grossing film of the year.

As of 2021, Mary Austin has a net worth of $120 million dollars.

How Did Mary Austin Get So Rich?

What made Mary so rich was her love with Freddie Mercury. After the group was formed, in the mid-1960s, she and Mercury began going out. By 1973, the friendship between the two turned into a relationship and they moved together. By the end of the decade, Queen became one of the most popular bands all over the world. Mainly because of her shy and serious personality, Mary decided to end the relationship with Freddy, however, he was reluctant to stay with her. In addition to the millions that she was able to receive while dating Freddie, Mary continued to work in different fashion boutiques. Reportedly, her estimated net worth in the 1970s was nearly $50,000.

At the peak of his career, with millions of fans from around the world, Queen released the song “Love of My Life”, which was dedicated by Mercury to Mary Austin. Unfortunately, a few years after the song came to fruition, the relationship between the two began to crumble. Despite being a very wealthy homemaker, Mary was unhappy because Mercury revealed he was unfaithful to her. After spending some time having affairs with men, Freddie revealed to Mary in the 1980s that he’s bisexual. The two eventually broke up, however, they remained friends. Even after their relationship was over, Mary continued to work with Freddie and his management company.

Why Is She So Famous?

Mary Austin is famous as being the muse of Freddie Mercury. She was born on 6 March 1951 in Fulham, London, United Kingdom. Her father was a hand-tripper and personal assistant to a wallpaper specialist, while her mother worked as a maid at various places. Mary’s upbringing was hard as she spent most of her you struggling in a working-class home situated in West London. Because of this, she had to drop out of school and begin working at a very young age. When she was 15, Austin landed her first job as a receptionist in a local hotel.

In the 1960s, Mary received an opportunity to work as a representative at one of the Biba fashion stores. At the time, the brand was growing and the customers were some of the most well-known British celebrities. After attending a rock concert, she met Brian May whom she dated briefly and remained friends with after the relationship had ended. While they were still friends, Brian introduced her to his friends with whom he was planning to form a group. The group’s name was supposed to be “Build Your Own Boat”, however, the majority decided to use the name “Queen” instead.

What Makes Austin So Successful?

The success of this celebrity comes not only with her association with Freddie Mercury. She occasionally worked for as manager and writer for the group Queen. In 1987, Freddie revealed to Mary that he had tested HIV, with her being the first and only person to know about it. Four years later, at the end of 1991, the singer died of AIDS-related bronchial pneumonia. Just like most of his adult life, Mary was by his side. Before he passed away, in September, he signed a will that gives half of his vast wealth to Austin, and the other half to his family (parents and sister).

From Freddie’s will, Mary Austin received a reportedly $75 million estate, which includes the 28-room mansion in London, where the Queens vocalist passed away. Even now, Austin lives in this mansion with her two children and current partner, the painter Piers Cameron. In recent years, Mary started a foundation that’s in Freddie’s memory. She lives quietly in the mansion and continues to support the Queen’s musical effort.


Despite not being a talented actress, model, singer, or television personality, Mary Austin was able to become a public figure just by being herself. She dated Freddie Mercury and even became his fiancee at one point. Even after their relationship, she remained one of his closest and most influential people in the flamboyant artist’s life.

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