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How much is Mark-Paul Gosselaar worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:March 1, 1974 (age 48)
Country:United States of America
6 ft (1.83 m)

About Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar is an American actor, director, model, and producer. His acting career began in the 1980s when he was just a child. Soon, he gained national popularity when he joined the television series Saved by the Bell and other series from that franchise, in all of which he played the role of Zack Morris.

Throughout the next three decades, besides acting, he also began directing and producing several television projects.

American actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars, as of 2023. Gosselaar is best known for his role of Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell and as Peter Bash in Franklin & Bash.

The talented actor eventually became famous when he landed lead roles in Good Morning, Miss Bliss and Saved by the Bell. He was born on March 1, 1974, in Panorama City, Los Angeles. His parents are Hans, a plant supervisor at Anheuser-Busch, and Paula (van den Brink) a hostess for KLM and homemaker. His father is Dutch and is of German descent, while his mother is Indonesian. Both of his paternal great-grandparents were killed during the Sobibor extermination camp as part of the Holocaust.

Mark-Paul developed an interest in acting during his childhood in the late 1970s and early 1980s. With his mother as his manager, he began modeling at the age of five. As a child actor, he also appeared in a number of commercials for both food products and clothes. Among some of his most notable commercials are for the Smurf merchandise and Oreo cookies. In the 1980s, he was finally able to win guest spots on television series. He attended the Hart High School in Santa Clarita Valley, which he graduated from in 1993.

Gosselaar became rich when he began receiving main roles on television series. His television debut came in 1986. That year, he appeared on the series Highway to Heaven, Stringray, and The Twilight Zone as an extra. Two years later, he took part in other well-known series such as The Wonder Years, Punky Brewster, and Charles in Charge, thanks to which he earned a small sum. In 1988, he also landed his first leading role on television in the series Good Morning, Miss Bliss.

The short-lived show, which is also known as The Junior High Years and the first installment of the Saved by the Bell television series, helped Mark-Paul gain national exposure. The following year, in August 1989, Saved by the Bell premiered and marked the career-beginning of the young actor. He spent the next four years portraying the main role of the character Zachary Morris.

Concurrently with his appearances on the show, he also reprised his role in the special NBC movies – Hawaiian Style, Wedding in Las Vegas, and The New Class, as well as the spin-off series The College Years. By the end of the 20th century, Gosselaar was able to accumulate an estimated $500,000 thanks to all of his acting roles.

Concomitantly with his numerous appearances on television series, Mark-Paul Gosselaar has starred in many films of different genres. His film debut came in the 1993 adventure White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild 2. Since then, he performed in other films such as Specimen, Sticks and Stones, Counterfeit, Dead Man on Campus, and Heist.

Gosselaar’s Total Net Worth

Despite Mark-Paul Gosselaar having appeared for 13 episodes as Zack Morris on Good Morning, Miss Bliss (1988-1989). It was when he reprised the role in Saved by the Bell (1989-1992) that he began earning well from his acting work. In fact, for the early appearances on Good Morning, Miss Bliss, Gosselaar may have earned less than $20,000. That all changed however and some would even say that Gosselaar’s earlier career was, um, Saved by the Bell.

  • For season one of Saved By The Bell, it had 16 episodes and Gosselaar earned $3,500 per episode, for a total of $56,000 earned.
  • Season two had 18 episodes and had Gosselaar earning $5,000 per episode, for a total of $90,000 earned.
  • Season three Gosselaar’s earnings are estimated have gone up by twice, being paid $20,000 per episode totaled $520,000 over the 26 episodes.
  • Season four of the original series earned Gosselaar $25,000 per episode, for a total of $650,000 from the final 26 episodes.

It didn’t pay as much as many might have thought, but Hollywood is known for its low rates for new and aspiring actors. At that time, Gosselaar already felt as if he had made it though. In total, Mark-Paul Gosselaar earned a total of $1.32 million from the initial Save by the Bell series.

Throughout the years, Gosselaar played the role of Zack Morris in 12 different films and TV series. In total, from all of his appearances and producing in and relating to Saved By The Bell, Gosselaar may have earned a total of about $5 million. It is estimated that he was paid about $150,000 per episode in the Saved By The Bell (2020-2021) that he produced and appeared in.

Another notable role of Gosselaar’s was Peter Bash, in Franklin & Bash. While the show got cancelled after four seasons, Gosselaar starred in 40 episodes earning an average of $25,000 per episode, or a total of $1 million. He also appeared in NYPD Blue (2001-2005) for a total of 87 episodes at about $20,000 per episode, earning a total of $1.74 million. Between his remaining acting appearances, of which there have been about 70 appearances. Gosselaar is estimated to have earned about $4 million.

Therefore, his pretax career earnings have been around $8.06 million. Since he has been active in 1984 to date in 2022, on average, Gosselaar’s yearly earnings have been $212,000 dollars. He has earned greater sums in certain years, however. Even after some tax optimizations and so on, it is likely that Gosselaar has paid some 34% in tax. Bringing his after tax earnings to a total of $5.32 dollars, having paid $2.74 dollars in tax.

As it turns out, Mark-Paul Gosselaar is shrewd with money. In 2014, he invested $2.3 million of his taxed earnings into a 5,266-square-foot property in Sherman Oaks, California. It has been reported that he rented the property for $13,500 per month and it is estimated that he did that for a period of about 2.5 years between 2017 and 2022, when he sold the property for $5.3 million.

Gosselaar earned $405,000 from the the 30 months that he had the property rented out. After tax that amount was about $283,500. It is estimated that he invested some $650,000 into renovations of the property making his total investment into it, $2.95 million. When he sold the property in 2022 for $5.3 million he earned a before tax profit of $2.35 million. When the property was sold it will have been taxed a small amount on the sale and the money earned would be considered capital gains and taxed accordingly.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar married Lisa Ann Russell in 1996 and they later divorced in 2011. They had two children together and what is more. 1996 to 2011 were relatively high earnings years for Mark-Paul. of course he married Lisa after he had already become quite a big celebrity star and so it is not like she was the one that helped him in the early days of his career. Still, it is considered likely that about $1.2 million has gone in her direction. He later married Catriona McGinn in 2012 and they have stayed together and had two more children.

Gosselaar hasn’t found himself in legal trouble in his life or have a history of mental illness of alcohol abuse. In fact he seems that he has had a watchful eye on his finances. Overall, when factoring in living costs, some early losses and miscellaneous payments, agents and management. It is estimated that Mark-Paul Gosselaar possesses a net worth of $5 million dollars.

“I always have this feeling that I’m losing everything, so I’m a real saver.” Mark-Paul Gosselaar

In 2019, Mark-Paul was announced as one of the leading cast members in the upcoming eponymous sequel of Saved by the Bell, to which he also serves as an executive producer.

The success of the Saved by the Bell star comes from that television show and many others, in which he displayed his spectacular acting abilities. In the early 2000s, he continued to land leading roles in television series such as Hyperion Bay, D.C., NYPD Blue, and Raising the Bar. His most recent appearances on television projects are in Franklin and Bash (where he also made his directing debut on one of the first episodes), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Nobodies, The Passage, and Mixed-use.


Mark-Paul Gosselaar is a popular television actor who rose to prominence with his role in Saved by the Bell. Ever since his debut on the show in 1988, he has taken part in multiple spin-offs, documentaries, and movies as part of the Saved by the Bell franchise, thanks to which his net worth accumulated $5 million. Now, in addition to acting, he’s also an executive producer of the latest sequel of the show, who also happens to partake in many other television productions.

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