Mandy Moore Net Worth

How much is Mandy Moore worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:April 10, 1984
Country:United States of America
1.76 m

This pop star turned actress took us on A Walk to Remember before she learned How to Deal and got a License to Wed.

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Who Is Mandy Moore

She’s the cute brunette (who started out as a blonde) girl next door who never sacrificed her morals to fit in with her down and dirty fellow late ‘90s pop tarts. And Mandy Moore is one of the few songstress celebs that have successfully made the transition from set lists to scripts.

American singer Mandy Moore has a net worth of $15 million dollars, as of 2021.

You Had Me At Oklahoma

Even though Amanda Leigh Moore was born in New Hampshire and was raised in Florida, for her it was all about Oklahoma. After seeing the musical Oklahoma!, Mandy was convinced that she too wanted to make singing her career goal. She did the National Anthem rounds in Orlando and frequented local studios to hone her craft.  

One afternoon while Mandy was hard at work in the studio a passing Fed-Ex man heard the 14-year-old’s strong voice and told the youngster he’d pass her name along to a friend at Sony. After sending the label a demo tape, Mandy was signed and a year later, in 1999, released her first album, So Real. Mandy hopped on a tour bus with the boy band phenomenon the Backstreet Boys and soon everyone knew the doe-eyed opener, Mandy Moore.  

Coming into the pop kingdom around the same time as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Mandy was the image of the good girl next door compared to her scantily clad, hip-thrusting counterparts.  

Redefining The Pop Scene

Although Mandy’s first album did not reach Britney or Christina status, it was certified platinum and her single ‘Candy’ nearly cracked the top 40 list. Mandy gave it a second go with her next album, I Wanna Be with You, the following year. This album seemed like it was trying to play catch up with the overt sex appeal that had become a requirement in the pop music realm. But critics weren’t feeling Mandy’s contrived attempt to revamp her image. Still, the album was certified gold and the title track made it to #24 on the Hot 100 list.  

In 2001 Mandy released a self-titled third album that included the hit singles ‘Crush’ and “Cry.” The following year, Mandy would have audiences crying when she debuted her acting skills in A Walk to Remember (2002). The movie followed Mandy’s character, Jamie Sullivan, as she found her first love while in the throes of terminal leukemia. The role landed Mandy an MTV award for Female Breakthrough Performance.  

Romantic Comedies And Real-Life Romance

In 2003, Mandy released Coverage—an album that would be one of Mandy’s last with Sony’s Epic Records due to her lack of musical freedom within the label. That year, she also starred in two teeny-bopper comedies—How to Deal and Chasing Liberty—before proving she really had a sense of humor in Saved!, poking fun at her wholesome Christian image to portray a religious fanatic at a Christian high school.

But despite her good girl image, Mandy had her fair share if high-profile romantic conquests including notorious womanizer Wilmer Valderamma. The two dated for over a year beginning in 2001. Years after their break-up, Valderamma claimed in a candid interview with Howard Stern that he had taken her virginity, but Mandy denied it.  

In 2002, Mandy found more of a gentleman when she started dating tennis hunk Andy Roddick. Roddick didn’t decide to dish on his ex when the couple called it quits two years later and Mandy was in another high-profile romance with Zach Braff. Following her split from Braff, she briefly dated late DJ Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein before marrying musician Ryan Adams in March 2009.  

Back To The Studio

In 2006, Mandy signed with EMI Music and produced Wild Hope and in 2009, after more label shuffling, Mandy released Amanda Leigh with Storefront Recordings. She continued to further her acting career with films like License to Wed and Tangled, but with a new record in the works, Mandy is set to make a comeback to her pop star glory days—minus the bubble gum.

Defining Quote “I do find it a bit bizarre that people find it bizarre that I’ve grown up.”

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