Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth

How much is Mackenzie Bezos worth?

Net Worth:$32.7 Billion
Profession:Professional Novelist
Date of Birth:April 7, 1970 (age 52)
Country:United States of America
5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)

About Mackenzie Bezos

Mackenzie Bezos has, for a long time, been in the headlines due to her wealth. However, many people do not have a clear idea of how her journey to wealth started with many going with the idea that she inherited her wealth from her ex-husband Jeff Bezos. To give a clear view of who Mackenzie Bezos is, this piece will cover everything needed to know about her life, which includes who she is and how she has managed to rise among the wealthiest people in the world.

Mackenzie Bezos is an American activist, novelist, and philanthropist that was born on April 7 in 1970. She was born and raised in San Fransisco, California. In 1988 she completed her high school education in Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut. Bezos went forward to undertake her college education at Princeton University, where she graduated with an English degree and the highest honors in 1992.

Upon graduating, she started working for a quantitative hedge fund in New York as an administrative assistant under D.E Shaw from 1992 to 1994.

American novelist and philanthropist Mackenzie Bezos has an estimated net worth of $32.7 billion dollars, as of 2023. Mackenzie’s wealth makes her the third-wealthiest woman in the world.

Her married life began in 1993 where she was married to Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos. She became a proud mother of four kids. Three sons with whom she had with Jeff Bezos and one daughter that they adopted in China. However, her controversial divorce was settled in 2019, but she chose to keep her last name instead of reverting to her maiden name. Even before her separation, Mackenzie was already in the list of wealthiest people in the world.

In the year 2005, she wrote her debut novel The Testing of Luther Albright that saw her win the American Book Award in the year 2006. Her activist passion then drove her to establish Bystander Revolution, which is an anti-bullying organization where she serves as the executive director.

Mackenzie Bezos’s zeal and determination drove her into making huge moves. Having worked as an assistant to Toni Morrison, to which she feels grateful up to date, she managed to acquire the right skills that set her straight to her career. Being a philanthropist and activist, she has managed to write some of the best novels that have gained her a tremendous amount of recognition and awards.

Being the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also played an essential role in her fame even though she has tried everything possible to live behind the cameras. Her divorce with Jeff Bezos with whom she was married for 25 years was also the talk of the year; she received 25% of the couple’s share in Amazon as part of the divorce agreement.

While many articles have made it clear that she has become rich through her divorce settlement with Jeff Bezos, it’s also essential to keep in mind that she was a hardworking woman in her own right.

She played a vital role in the formation of Cadabra, Inc. Soon after renamed, Inc. The now giant E-commerce platform that did $457.965B, in 2021 alone. She worked as an accountant for the now well established budding company, and was even in charge of sending out shipments through UPS in the early beginnings.

Her novels have also earned her lots of money. with the most famous one being The Testing of Luther Albright and Traps. She also operates an anti bullying group Bystander Revolution that has gained worldwide recognition.

Mackenzie Bezos writing skills have seen her grab a number of prestigious awards. She is a professional novelist with the skills to capture the attention of her reader through unique talent and skills. This has played a significant role in her success over the years.

In 2014, the famous billionaire founded an anti bullying organization known as the Bystanders evolution the organizations, which features various stakeholders such as students, celebrities, and other experts aimed towards averting any form of bullying.

People shared various experiences regarding the brutal act and how they were affected in one way or the other.

The revolution also provides crowdsourced solutions. At the same time, various suggestions were put across to handle culprits found perpetrating the act. Other significant shareholders within the organization include Monica Lewinsky, Salma Hayek, Michael J. Fox, and Demi Lovato, among others.

Other than the Bystanders revolution, Mackenzie, alongside her husband Jeff Bezos, established a charity organization known as one day fund. The organization was founded mainly to provide support and other help to homeless families. Additionally, the non-profit organization helped various preschools found in low-income communities to realize their dreams. Through these initiatives, Mackenzie grew not only in popularity but fame. As if not enough, the organization received funding amounting to $97.5 million to support up to about 32 different organizations under its branch.

This funding was solely from Mackenzie alongside her former husband, Jeff Bezos. The primary goal of this initiative was to support the private sectors with the necessary funds. As time progresses, the one day fund started aiming at sparking innovation and invention in various small scale enterprises. Some of the major beneficiaries of this project included teachers, entertainers, carpenters, doctors, and many more.


While Mackenzie Bezos falls under the richest people in the world, she has managed to remain relevant through her pure heart. She continues to touch the lives of many people through her organizations and giving spirit. Other than being dedicated to serving the underprivileged, Mackenzie has continued to create and support charity organizations at her capacity. This has made her unique and loved by many.

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