Lonan O’Herlihy Net Worth

Personal trainer and founder of Knightsbridge Fit company Lonan O’Herlihy became a celebrity when he joined reality television show Made in Chelsea in 2014. Speculations about nature of his relationship with co-star Binky Felstead started soon after that. And yes, he’s rich. As of 2021, O’Herlihy’s net worth is estimated to be sligthly over £1 million ($1.5 million).

How Did Lonan O’Herlihy Get So Rich?

Lonan was born June 7, 1989 in United Kingdom. He studied at Malvern College and also real estate at the Oxford Brookes University. You might wonder why he chose real estate. The English side of his family is in this business while American side is acting. Eventually, Lonan found his own way and pursued career as a personal trainer.

He also created his own Knightsbridge Fit program. K-Fit is designed to get you desired results whenever you work out. You might be exercising in yout own home. That’s definitely neat. O’Herlihy himself has a toned body so he must known what he’s talking about.

Soon after he joined Made in Chelsea, rumors spread that he’s dating Alexandra “Binky” Felstead. However, Binky insisted that he’s only her housemate not boyfriend. But who except for gay would have that level of restraint, living with Felstead and not touching her? Well, let’s wait if Lonan finds himself some other girlfriend.

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