How much is Lil Pump worth?

Net Worth:$9 Million
Profession:Professional Rapper
Date of Birth:August 17, 2000
Country:United States of America
1.68 m

Who is Lil Pump?

Like Lil Pump, there are over 8000 rappers on Spotify whose name begins with Lil,’ and many of them even make the same type of music. But Lil Pump, born Gazzy Garcia, overthrew them all and is now known as the reigning king of Soundcloud rap. He was only 17 when his debut album was released, making him one of the youngest and richest rappers on the planet. Lil Pump reportedly dropped out of Harvard to save rap. His second album Harverd Drop Out was released in February 2019.

American rapper, singer, and songwriter Lil Pump has a net worth of $9 million dollars, as of 2020. He’s one of the most popular rappers in the SoundCloud rap scene.

How did Lil Pump get so rich?

After making a boatload of cash from his successful singles and income from the billions of views from his YouTube videos have accrued, Lil Pump signed a deal with Warner Bros. which advanced him $8 million, a staggering sum and unusual term of the deal. What was more unusual was that he bargained for a 14% share of royalties, and depending on the format, up to 66% of the royalties. It is a seven year contract that included a yearly salary.

Unfortunately, his second album did not perform as well as his debut, as it peaked at number 7 on the Billboard 200 compared to Lil Pump’s debut spot at number three. The second album did have seven singles, which is impressive for a record that is just forty minutes long.

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Lil Pump books for $150,000 per performance. We predict that this young rapper’s net worth will only increase as both him and his music mature.

Why is he so famous?

Lil Pump’s story is different because he was discovered by fans online and became famous before he was scouted by a record label. It was on Soundcloud that he was first discovered. Soundcloud is a website where musicians can upload their own music for the world to hear. Rap uploaded on Soundcloud appealed most to bedroom rappers. This sub-genre went on to be named Soundcloud rap, and it was where now-famous rappers like Lil Xan, XXXtentacion, and 6ix9ine started. With the help of Smokepurpp producing his tracks, Pump would release several songs on the music service where they attracted millions of listens. People compared the genre to the early days of punk music. Soundcloud rap is DIY, it’s lo-fi, Rappers don’t even use real microphones, they just used the recording application on their phones and computers.

Though Lil Pump helped create the sub-genre of Soundcloud rap, it seems to be a dying craze and Pump is the only rapper left to carry the torch. All the rappers who helped start the sub-genre and boost the phenomenon to what it is today have faded away; 6ix9ine is carrying out a life sentence in jail, Lil Peep and XXXTentacion passed away, and Lil Xan went in to rehab.

As he scored his first huge gig headlining the No Jumper Tour in 2016 and his track “Welcome To The Party” predominantly featured in the Ryan Reynolds movie, Deadpool 2, he gained a lot of attention in his formative years. He got so much attention that his debut album, Lil Pump, featured the like of Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, and Lil Yachty. The album reached number three on the billboard Hot 100, and the went gold and platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. But the features were nothing compared to the expensive megastars that lined the tracks of his sophomore album, such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Quavo, and Offset.

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The rapper worked with Kanye West for the strange and massively controversial song “I Love It.” The track has a weird history as it was premiered at the first annual PornHub Awards, to which Kanye West was the creative designer, and his duties included but were not limited to; the design of Pornstars’ outfits, the design of the set, and the music. To open the awards, the “I Love It” music video played on a huge screen where Lil Pump and West are dressed in huge outfits walking down a never-needing, spaceship looking hallway. The track also features highly offensive lyrics aimed towards women. The song is the most popular Lil Pump track on Spotify with close to half a billion listens.

What makes him so successful?

Besides rapping about being rich before he was actually rich, Pump was known for rapping about drugs including marijuana and ecstasy without any real depth. But he knows how to play to his strengths. In the music video for the song “Drug Addicts,” the rapper and Charlie Sheen are pushed around a hospital in wheelchairs as they take pills. Charlie Sheen was clearly cast because, in his later years, he became known more for his bad habits than he did for being a movie star. Some might look at this as kitsch, but the video has well over 100 million views on YouTube and is one of the most popular songs of 2019.

Like many mumble rap artists, Pump finds inspiration from music outside of the rap genre. Though he doesn’t fit the genre of emo rap like a lot of his peers, he was still influenced music such as punk rock outfit, Blink-182, apparently because of their simple compositions. “Gucci Gang” was Pump’s breakout track, it has over one billion views on YouTube, and as has gone on to be parodied by Pete Davidson in a Saturday Night Live sketch. But Pump had the last laugh when he appeared on SNL to perform “I Love It” with West dressed as giant water bottles.

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Despite being able to read due to having dyslexia, Pump is a music making machine and he spits out tracks quicker than even his label can even keep up with. Most recently, he worked with Anuel AA for the track “Illuminati,” and after just one month of being uploaded, already has 28 million views. Mumble rap has become a huge sensation and though many people think it’s a phase, it shows no sign of fizzling out soon. Rappers like Lil Pump have even influenced well seasoned rappers such as Macklemore and Drake to imitate mumble rap.

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