Leland Robinson Sr. Net Worth

Music mogul Leland Robinson Sr. is known as one of the sons of Sylvia and Joseph Robinson. He also takes care of royalties and publishing for musicians like Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Kanye West, or Justin Timberlake. Leland is also star in the TV show First Family of Hip Hop. As of 2021, Leland Robinson, Sr. has net worth around $1.8 million.

In the past, Robinson worked for A&R department at Motown Records. There he worked with artists such as Queen Pen, 3LW, and Sanity. Later, Leland joined his family heirloom and became the part of the Sugar Hill Records, which was founded by his parents Sylvia and Joseph Robinson.

In 2013, Leland and his brother Joseph Robinson, Jr. were confined to 400 hours of community service as well as three months house arrest. Apparently they did not file federal tax returns for couple of years. This cost the U.S. government approximately $1.3 million. The tax evasion should be regarding their income from royalties to Grandmaster Flash, the Furious Five, and others.

Leland is now also a star in the new reality show First Family of Hip Hop. The show follows lives of him and other people who are working at the Sugar Hill Records and their struggle to make their own name in the business. Leland sure came from very wealthy and successful family, which gave him a head start with building his net worth.

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