How much is Laura Izibor worth?

Net Worth:$1 Million
Profession:Professional Recording Artist
Date of Birth:May 13, 1987
Country:Dublin, Ireland
1.7 m

“Life is good. Music is amazing. It’s just a great, unusual thing to be doing what I love, and I’m genuinely grateful. I come from a working class family, so my bothers and sisters and my mother worked so many jobs their whole life, just trying to provide for us. That’s why I’m extremely humbled and grateful to be able to do something that is not only what I love, but pretty unbelievable.” — Laura Izibor in 2009, weeks before the release of her debut album.

Who Is Laura Izibor

Laura Izibor was born to a working class family in Dublin, Ireland and is the fourth of five children born to her Irish mother Trish and Nigerian father Saul. Laura’s parents separated when she was seven. She has said in interviews that she didn’t grow up in a musical household, particularly because her mother was busy raising five kids as a single parent. Laura has said he love for music began when she was about 13 when she sang in a drama class. After that, she started listening R&B;/Soul musicians like Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding.

After this, began writing songs, and at 14, she taught herself how to play the piano. At the age of 15, Izibor won a prestigious national performance competition conducted by radio station Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) 2fm. Her winning song, “Compatible,” wound up going into heavy rotation at the station after the competition.

Irish recording artist, musician and producer Laura Izibor has a net worth of $1 million dollars, as of 2020. While she was still in secondary school she won the RTÉ 2fm song contest and, in 2006, she an award at the Meteor Music Awards.

Early Career

When she was 17, Laura was signed to a recording contract and dropped out of high school to begin work on her debut album. The album was recorded over the course of four years in a wage range of cities, including Dublin, New York, Philadelphia and Atlanta. During the recording of the album, Laura also performed many live shows to hone her onstage vocal abilities. Among the artists she was the opening act for during this time period were James Brown, Angie Stone and The Roots. Her first album, Let the Truth Be Told, was released in May 2009, which each song written and co-produced by Izibor. It debuted at No. 2 on the Irish Albums Chart and No. 6 on the U.S. R&B; Albums Chart. In the U.S., it generated one modest hit single, “From My Heart to Yours,” which reached the top 30 on the R&B; songs chart.

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Mainstream Recognition

Although Let the Truth Be Told was only a moderate success in the United States, songs from the album have been used in movies and on television many times in the years since the album’s release. Her song “From My Heart to Yours” was featured in an episode of the ABC TV show “Grey’s Anatomy,” and on the VH1 reality series “Tough Love.” Various other songs by her, including “Mmm…,” “Carousel,” “Can’t Be Love” and “If Tonight is My Last,” have appeared in films and on TV. Among the movies her songs have been featured in are Step Up 2: The Streets, Why Did I Get Married? and Seven Pounds. The American TV dramas “The Practice,” “One Tree Hill” and “Bones” have also showcased her work. Laura also acted on the eighth season of “One Tree Hill” as the character Erin Macree.

‘Let the Truth Be Told’

Laura Izibor steps into the spotlight and hopes to shine with her debut, Let the Truth Be Told. But if you let the truth be told, she doesn’t really bring much new to the table. Her vocals, at times, are reminiscent of Jill Scott, Joss Stone and others. The production and lyrical arrangement are something you’d expect to hear from an early Alicia Keys album. Even the topics she chose to cover, mainly love, have been done before. Listening to the album, I found myself matching many of the songs with similar songs by others. With that said, the album isn’t bad; despite its lack of uniqueness, it has its strong points.

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The album’s major strength lies in the variations of the love themes, which are embedded within many of the tracks. Izibor makes writing contributions to each song and this makes for a more personable vocal delivery. There are no ladies’ anthems coercing women to kick their partners “to the left,” no trite and overplayed sexual innuendos, and no mantras to bust out your cheating lover’s windows. Rump-shaking club bangers are nonexistent as the album is mainly comprised of ballads and mid-tempos. Izibor attempts to take us back to the days where singers sung about love and heartache, and adults acted like adults and not lovesick adolescents. What works in her favor, is her decision to not jump on the latest bandwagon of using the vocal Auto-Tune and burdening listeners with overly synthesized tracks. Instead, the album is very acoustically laden, which finds Izibor herself playing the piano. Although majority of the album discusses love in its different forms, it’s the encapsulating lyrics that make the album worth listening to.

The different musical genres that Izibor explore allow the album to standout. There’s a little bit of rock, blues, soul, and of course R&B.; On the inspirational closing track, and possibly the best song on the album, “Mmm,” the album reaches its climax and listeners get the opportunity to hear Izibor and what she is capable of bringing to the table. Hopefully this track is a prelude to what consumers can expect in subsequent albums.

Tracks worth honorable mention include the feisty official lead single, “From My Heart to Yours,” the go-getter motivator, “Shine,” which is taken from The Nanny Diaries Soundtrack, the Alicia Keys-like “Perfect World,” the bluesy “I Don’t Want You Back,” and the soulful and upbeat “Yes (I’ll Be Your Baby).”

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