Khadijah Haqq Net Worth

Attractive actress and store manager Khadijah Haqq became increasingly famous since she joined new reality television series Dash Dolls in 2015. She and her sister are co-managing luxury fashion boutique in Hollywood, California that is owned by Kardashian Familly. Khadijah’s net worth is incredible $1.5 million but expect this number to grow fast.

How Did Khadijah Haqq Get So Rich?

Khadijah was born March 10, 1983 in Los Angeles, California. She has a twin sister Malika that has the same age. Haqq has a rising career as an actress, she played in Sky High, School for Scoundrels, and 20 Years After.

But her career as a celebrity is just beginning. Her job position as a manager at Dash store created a huge opportunity for her. To play on reality series Dash Dolls. She agreed. However very daring idea emerged to spice up debut episode of Dash Dolls with nude photo shoot of Haqq sisters. While Malika was enthusiastic about it, Khadijah had second thoughts and eventually declined to undress. She wasn’t sure that her husband would approve such pictures and she also wasn’t that confident about her after-pregnancy body.

In 2010, Khadijah married her boyfriend Bobby McCray. Her husband is a professinonal American football player. Haqq gave birth to their first child, daughter named Celine Amelia in 2014. Today, Khadijah focuses on her job duties as a manager and also her appearance on Dash Dolls. We expect her net worth to grow fast in the near future.

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