Kenny Everett Net Worth

Kenny Everett was also a member of the original pirate radio presenters who managed to break into the mainstream in 1967.

Like John Peel, Everett was taken on by BBC in 1967 but departed in 1970 after an allegation of an inappropriate joke.

He moved to Capital Radio, where he had a successful career until his untimely death in 1995. Everett was a true pioneer among disc jockeys, widely considered as the DJ that sculpted the modern image of DJs. He enchanted his audience with both technical skill and charming banter. He introduced the idea that you could do it all yourself into the mainstream. Indeed, his willingness to experiment and innovate within the studio is what drew the attention of both audiences and producers when he first started.

As of 2023, this pioneering radio DJ is estimated to have a net worth at the time of his death of some $2 million. He was born Maurice James Christopher Cole.

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